Saturday, 7 March 2015

Shinra Technologies Next-Gen Multiplayer Cloud Gaming Demo

Shinra Technologies, a cloud gaming startup company operating under the umbrella of Square Enix, has demonstrated their impressive multiplayer cloud gaming tech at GDC 2015. You can see a video of that demo below.

The Shinra tech is the kind of stuff that cloud gaming advocates' dreams are made of, with the world simulation running on a cloud supercomputer in a data center and being rendered and streamed to 64 player viewports. In the demo you can see a highly detailed world with the size of 1000 square kilometers containing 1 million trees and 16000 AI characters.

And the world is also very dynamic with real-time terrain deformation and massive physics simulations supporting things like expansive fluid simulations. The demonstrator also mentioned that they use NVIDIA's TITAN Black GPU for the simulations because of its large frame buffer, so the upcoming TITAN X, built on NVIDIA's Maxwell architecture and with double the memory of TITAN Black, should come very handy for Shinra.