Monday, 1 July 2013

OnLive Released Rogue Legacy to the Marketplace and PlayPack

Rogue Legacy was added to the OnLive marketplace as a PlayPass and to the OnLive PlayPack. The OnLive PlayPack is now at 254 games in the US, 253 games in the UK and 253 games in Belgium, and counting.

The game is priced at $14.99 in the US ($10.49 PlayPack discount), £11.99 in the UK (£8.39 PlayPack discount) and €13.99 in Belgium (€9.79 PlayPack discount).

Rogue Legacy is an indie action RPG platformer published and developed by Cellar Door Games.

Interestingly, OnLive engineer Michael Toy was one of the original developers of the original Rogue in 1980, so no wonder that Rogue Legacy released on OnLive day-and-date with other platforms.

Back in the early 1980s, the now legendary game, Rogue, literally defined a genre. Its unique place in gaming history as the blueprint for dungeon-based fantasy role-playing is still recognised today, and the new Rogue Legacy game does more than pay homage to its predecessor.

“Rogue Legacy makes brilliant use of permadeath and procedurally generated content to create a brutally fun game,” said Michael Toy, one of the co-creators of the original game and (coincidentally) part of the technical team at OnLive. “I’m thrilled to see that these features are being embraced by young developers.”

“We’re delighted to have Rogue Legacy on the service,” said Kevin Keating, Publisher Relations, OnLive. “OnLive’s unique spectating and social features mean great Indie games like this get fantastic traction and, through the players, the visibility they deserve.”

Rogue Legacy delivers the game to a new generation of players, this time in a highly addictive action-platformer style. The new game captures the essence of the original, including some of the features like procedurally generated levels and permadeath. The result is 100% pure game.

Rogue Legacy is a genealogical rogue-"LITE" where anyone can be a hero.

Each time you die, your child will succeed you. Every child is unique. One child might be colourblind, or they might have tourettes. They could even be a dwarf.

That's OK because no one's perfect, and you don't have to be perfect to win this game. But you do have to be pretty darn good because this game is HARD.

Fortunately every time you die, all the gold you've collected can be used to upgrade you manor, giving your next child a step up in life and another chance at vanquishing evil.

Here's what Rogue Legacy is:
  • A procedurally generated adventure. Explore new castles with every life.
  • Rogue-lite. Your character dies, but with each passing your lineage grows and becomes stronger.
  • Tons of unique traits that makes each playthrough special. Ever wanted to be a dyslexic giant? Now you can!
  • More than 8 classes to choose from (9)! Each class has unique abilities that change the way you play the game.
  • Over 60 different enemies to test your skills against. Hope you like palette-swaps!
  • Massive, expandable skill tree. Rack in the loot to upgrade your manor and give your successors a cutting edge.
  • Oh yeah, there's a Blacksmith and an Enchantress shop with tons of upgrades. Equip your heroes with powerful weaponry and armor. Or gain new abilities like flight, dash, and air jumping.
  • Tons of secrets and easter eggs to uncover... or are there? Yes there are.
  • Got a gamepad? Play with a gamepad.
  • Clowns.

Metascore: 87

You can play the free demo, subscribe to the PlayPack and buy Rogue Legacy for the US, the UK and Belgium powered by OnLive.


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