Saturday, 25 May 2013 Ceased To Be

After OnLive went through ABC bankruptcy in August 2012, and after reorganization started and founder and CEO Steve Perlman departed, it got quiet around the cloud gaming pioneer. They recently started showing life signs and releasing games regularly with The Witcher 2 being the most prominent among them.

It's no wonder that the recent lack of activity from OnLive also led to a lack of activity of its users. Therefore, the administrator of the biggest OnLive fans forum chose to shut the site down and merge it with his other forum He dedicated a folder at for OnLive discussion, you can reach it at users have to register there anew and start new threads as the old threads from the forum weren't exported there which is quite a hit for many users as has amassed a huge amount of very useful information and content.

Looks like the moderators of weren't happy that it got degraded to a subforum on and they've done something about it. They have made a new OnLive fan forum that you can check out at All the old moderation staff are there.

Below is the reasoning for the closure of by the admin:

Dear Members,

Ed here of and As you can tell we have elected to shut down because of the lack of discussion, and the high server costs. We have elected to merge it with If you don't yet have an account here, please feel free to register. This folder will be dedicated to OnLive discussion only, and should take the place of

Please join the rest of our community and feel free to continue communicating with old members in this folder. I will be trying to keep this active, and we welcome any and all OnLive related discussion in this folder.

If you are not sure what OUYA is, it is a new video game console based on Android. You can find more information about it at their official website

OUYA will have OnLive on its console, but you must not have an OUYA in order to play OnLive.

Please rejoin the old community here on this forum, and continue to discuss OnLive here. Please register your old username here as well!


Below is the farewell message for from OnLive senior manager of customer relations Nathan Barsetti:

Saying farewell to an old friend

On behalf of the management and staff of OnLive, I'd like to express how very sorry we are to see OnLiveFans ride into the sunset. These boards have been an essential part of the history of OnLive over the last 4 years. You all have held on for dear life as OnLive battled for recognition in the early days, ascended to greatness as the industry realized the potential of cloud gaming, and stood fast by our side during the challenges of this past year. For each one of these, we are profoundly and eternally thankful.

Personally, this community's attention to every minute change made to the site and the service, not to mention the deep scrutiny of our public communications and how that measured against the service itself, kept us honest and cognisant of the perspective of our customers.

You guys (and girls) have carried the torch over the last 9 months, a period of uncertainty and waiting that must have seemed like an eternity. We are so thankful for your unfaltering dedication to what we are doing.

As this chapter of OnLive's history comes to a close, we know that the community is not dying. You all will find new and compelling places to hang out, and some will head to start their own. My only request is that you keep an eye on us. We are working on an entirely new implementation of our technology, one that is sure to shake up the industry once again. Yes I know I'm a tease, but this one is big. While we aren't particularly interested in duking it out with console manufacturers and their gargantuan marketing budgets this year, we do rather enjoy coming out of nowhere and affecting major changes in how these multi-national gaming mega-corporations are going about their business. I ask myself quite often, 'What would this year's new console announcements look like if we hadn't ever existed'. My guess is, quite different.

Before I sign off, I want to remind everyone that this forum will live on as a subforum to the, and you can find news and commentary from our company on our Facebook page (, our twitter account @OnLive, and on our revamped Blog (

We wish Ed the best of luck with his future endeavors, and I welcome friendly pings from any of you in-service. I {try to} check my chat inbox daily, so drop a line.

Happy trails and remember to keep you spurs sharp and your bullets dry. *tips his hat*


Nate is again teasing OnLive gamers with big, industry shaking developments behind OnLive's curtains. Though this is now OnLive 2.0, the many broken promises and the fallout of OnLive 1.0 still keep many OnLive gamers sceptical.

Nate has a point about the new console announcements as Sony took quite a few pages out of OnLive's book. Though Sony's cloud gaming plans for the PlayStation 4 are a bit nebulous, they for instance intend to offer subscription packages in the vein of the OnLive PlayPack for games, be it the latest PS4 games or older PS3, PS2 and PS1 games. Gamers will be able to buy every PS4 game via digital download, though retail copies of games will also be sold and won't require an internet connection. Sony also wants to provide free time limited demos for all PS4 games, which is also something that the OnLive cloud gaming service championed.

The PS4 has efficient and fast video encoding and decoding hardware. With the help of that hardware the PS4 will leverage at least some of the acquired Gaikai cloud streaming know-how in the short-term by providing remote play options for the PS Vita and other devices like tablets, smartphones and even Smart TVs, that way every PS4 will be able to function as a cloud gaming server. This will work similar to NVIDIA's upcoming SHIELD gamepad.

Sony will also include a share button on the new PS4 controller, the functionality of which will resemble the record button on the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller. With the share button PS4 gamers will be able to share a livestream of their gameplay via USTREAM that Sony partnered with and invite others to watch the livestream via the PS4, Facebook or on various devices like mobiles. Since the PS4 has hardware that continuously records the last minutes of gameplay the button can also be used for sharing gameplay recordings and pictures similar to OnLive's Brag Clip functionality, again sharing the gameplay recordings and pictures with other people with the PS4, Facebook or on other devices like mobiles. Of course people will be able to chat while spectating or watching gameplay recordings and pictures. It doesn't look like the PS4 can yet mimic the massive live spectating OnLive Arena which is no wonder if they don't feature cloud streaming yet, but Sony is definitely going for the social gamer crowd.

Just recently Microsoft has also announced at the Xbox One unveiling that the One will support live streaming and recording of gameplay. They also hinted at the possibility that users could remotely control gameplay of other Xbox One gamers. They also hinted at cloud gaming, though in the form of offloading non-latency sensitive computations to the cloud, and not video streaming whole games.

Even NVIDIA announced their ShadowPlay feature that will continuously record live gameplay on Kepler and higher GeForce graphics cards.


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