Friday, 4 January 2013

CiiNOW and AMD Will Showcase the Cumulus Cloud Gaming Solution with AMD's Upcoming Cloud Gaming GPU at CES 2013

Next week at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 8 to 11, cloud gaming technology provider CiiNOW, and AMD will team up to demonstrate a complete and immersive cloud-based gaming solution leveraging CiiNOW's proprietary Cumulus cloud gaming platform architected to optimize AMD's hardware. AMD has previously invested into CiiNOW.

At the AMD Experience Zone, located just outside the Convention Center, CiiNOW and AMD will demonstrate the streaming of several different games simultaneously on multiple devices. Gamers will be able to play Dishonored from Bethesda Softworks, Dragon Age II from Electronic Arts, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Sleeping Dogs from Square Enix, and other console-class titles on a screened device of their choice—be it tablet, desktop, or notebook PC.

CiiNOW is leveraging AMD's comprehensive hardware suite to showcase the flexibility and efficiencies of its cloud gaming software to stream games through PCs/Macs, set-top boxes, tablets, smartphones, and Smart TVs. CiiNOW's Cumulus will be powered by an AMD Opteron 4276 HE processor coupled with an as yet unknown upcoming AMD cloud gaming GPU that reduces bandwidth and latency to adapt to, and thereby maximize, virtualized data center environments.

Looks like AMD is finally ready to show up with their own graphics solution for the cloud gaming market and we'll get a sneak peak at the as of yet unannounced cloud gaming GPU from AMD at CES 2013.

As usual, AMD is already late to the party when it comes to adapt to new upcoming markets and develop the tech for them. It's no different this time around as their bitter rival in the GPU space NVIDIA has already presented their GeForce GRID cloud gaming technology back in May of last year and partnered with Sony's Gaikai and other cloud gaming companies at that presentation. Playcast for instance will start using NVIDIA's GeForce GRID cloud gaming technology for their Bouygues Telecom Bbox games cloud gaming service in France.

Looks like we are on the brink of a cloud gaming war between the two fierce combatants in the GPU arena, though as opposed to NVIDIA, wouldn't it be for the arab oil money that was poured into AMD, cough... drained back down into a bottomless pit and because Intel fears the US antitrust laws, I don't think AMD would be able to engage in that war any longer.


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