Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Results for the WRC 3: FIA World Rally Championship OnLive Brag Clip Contest are in

And the winners of the WRC 3: FIA World Rally Championship OnLive Brag Clip contest that got a champagne shower are:
Below are the top 15 drivers and their times:
  1. TTAR 03:09.19
  2. kbezon 03:10.79
  3. janez 03:11.28
  4. TheDesert1x 03:13.61
  5. Babyxcakez 03:15.46
  6. Germaximus S 03:16.79
  7. selirian 03:17.34
  8. darkboyutz1 03:23.82
  9. RomPeDoUT415 03:24.92
  10. Sokuri1997 03:24.92
  11. MariuSzz 03:27.11
  12. Bed Intruder 03:33.19
  13. Halo2redvsblue 03:34.29
  14. mrdarky 03:41.89
  15. FahQuad 03:52.80

Such contests are a great way to promote games that are part of the OnLive PlayPack and to raise the play time of the promoted games. Let's hope there is more to come, but not only Brag Clip contests for OnLive PlayPack games. There are also some great PlayPass games, like for instance the great DiRT 3 racer, which demand some much needed love by gamers. And let us not forget OnLive's other huge asset, the live spectating OnLive Arena, which has potential to host great live contests and competitions.

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