Thursday, 1 November 2012

Cloud Gaming Company Agawi Launched their Agawi Game Partner Program (AGPP) for Windows 8

Just back in September cloud gaming company Agawi announced a collaboration with Microsoft in which they are using Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud computing platform to stream games from their version 2.0 cloud gaming platform to devices that use Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system (PCs, tablets and smartphones) and more like Smart TVs.

Recently Agawi started their Agawi Game Partner Program (AGPP). The program is giving games publishers and developers the opportunity to instantly stream their existing games to Windows 8 devices without the need to port any code. The Game Partner Program is targeting web-based mid-core MMO or social games publishers and developers. Agawi is also asking prospective partners if they believe that their games stand out but need a powerful channel to effectively showcase them in front of massive gaming audiences? Well, who wouldn't like to have their game featured in front of massive gaming audiences.

“After teaming up with Microsoft and leveraging Windows Azure for cloud gaming, we’re excited to bring developers to the Windows 8 platform with the Agawi Game Partnership Gold program,” said Agawi co-founder and executive chairman Peter Relan. “It’s a great opportunity for web-based mid-core and MMO game developers to make the leap over to mobile and tablet-based gaming.”

Agawi's version 2.0 cloud gaming platform is offering cloud streaming of all forms of games content-including social Facebook games like Edgeworld as well as mid-core games like web-based MMOs with a PC download and hardcore titles like Unmechanical and Assassin's Creed to all devices. Popular AAA games will be made available in the coming months for instant play on Windows 8 devices like PCs, tablets and smartphones with no additional work required by game developers.

Agawi is being cautious. The company won’t yet target games that have massive hardware requirements and require ultra-low latency to be enjoyable, such as immersive 3D multiplayer shooters. But some of the best current action-adventure titles enjoyed best solo will definitely be among those they will announce by the end of Q4 of this year, as Agawi will partner with games publishers and developers.

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