Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The OnLive App for iPad is Still in Apple's Approval System Because of Technological Challenges According to OnLive

Despite a successful release on Android, there's still no sign of the OnLive App for Apple devices, and no information or timeframe from OnLive on when the service will be released for iOS. The OnLive App for iPad has now been in Apple's approval limbo for about 10 months, and since OnLive recently went through ABC bankruptcy and started their reorganization that is proving quite troublesome there is no end in sight on how long that approval limbo will last.

The new OnLive CEO Charlie Jablonski now provided more information on the subject matter in a talk with Eurogamer at their Eurogamer Expo. He said that technological challenges are holding up the release of the OnLive App for iPad and added that the App also needs to make business sense for Apple, which one could take as a friendly paraphrase that Apple is greedy and want their 30 percent cut of all sales.

At the time of the OnLive mobile launch in December of last year, OnLive gave away the OnLive App for iPad to various online publications for testing purposes. The OnLive App for iPad did not feature the ability to purchase games from within the App. Unlike the Android version, the iOS version featured grayed-out buy buttons that were unable to be clicked. So before submitting the App to Apple for approval, OnLive already worked around the no in-app purchase policy by Apple. Considering this, one can only come to the conclusion that Apple is keeping the OnLive App for iPad in approval limbo because they fear the disruptive potential of the App. It might very well be that the OnLive App for iPad will be miraculously approved by Apple when they will launch their very own cloud gaming and cloud everything service integrated with the App Store, and therefore the OnLive App for iPad losing its disruptive potential for Apple.

Though Charlie Jablonski also said to Eurogamer that they don't want to release a product that doesn't really work for all users, I don't think that OnLive wouldn't be willing to release their App for iPad because of such considerations as the sheer number of potential new users exposed to OnLive is simply too tempting. And the arguments of technological challenges and the concern over a bad end customer experience also don't really cut it as Apple daily lets through their approval process myriads of applications that could be considered as crap, and OnLive is light years above most of the Apps in Apple's App Store and the game playing experience of most of the games in the App Store.

Shortly before OnLive went through ABC bankruptcy and started their reorganization, founder and former CEO Steve Perlman was interviewed and also talked about why Apple hasn't yet approved the OnLive App. He said that he can't answer why Apple still hasn't approved the OnLive App for iOS, as he himself doesn't know the answer. OnLive has negotiated and spoken extensively with Apple, but Apple still hasn't approved them with no reason given by Apple why it is that way. He said that every platform you try to move into has challenges that you've got to deal with. Apple has their standards they're trying to maintain, they have their point of view. Ultimately OnLive has to go and work within that framework. They're doing the best they can.

Steve said that Apple approved other OnLive Apps like the OnLive Viewer and OnLive Desktop. He said that it's very complicated, and the best you can do if you're walking into the world with something that's brand-new, is be patient and make headway where you can make headway, and stick around and wait if you can't.

Steve hoped that the OnLive App for iOS will be approved by Apple. OnLive is trying their best and it's the world we live in. He finished with an amusing comparison that sometimes The Beatles don't approve Apple, sometimes Apple doesn't approve somebody else. You hope that eventually you get over the hump.

Charlie Jablonski now for Eurogamer also said that they are still working on bringing OnLive onto the iPad, though his answers were very political and considerate of Apple.

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