Tuesday, 2 October 2012

OnLive Removed Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 from the Marketplace - Did Their Partnership with Konami Break Up

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 was released on OnLive just 8 months ago at the end of January. It was OnLive's big football title for the British and European markets. Now the Konami published Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 was removed from the OnLive Marketplace in all territories that OnLive currently serves, which means in the US, the UK and Belgium. People who bought the PlayPass of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 from the OnLive Marketplace (UK, Belgium) still own the game and are able to play it on the OnLive cloud gaming service.

This follows the removal of 4 Konami games in the US last week and then the removal of 3 of these Konami games that were still on OnLive in the UK and Belgium.

OnLive senior manager of customer relations Nathan Barsetti wrote at OnLive Fans, "yep, the Konami titles were pulled from the UK and BE. Also PES is no longer for sale. Again, people who've purchased the game will continue to be able to access it like normal."

Based on the fact that all Konami titles were pulled from OnLive it looks like their partnership broke up, though Konami is still listed as a content partner on OnLive's partner page. It isn't hard to guess that this could have something to do with the fact that OnLive went through ABC bankruptcy and started their reorganization, and Konami simply doesn't want to be connected with a gaming service that went through such problems and still has some troubles.

Of course one could see it optimistically and the removal of Konami's games led by Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 means that games from the FIFA series are coming to OnLive. There is a rumor that games from EA are coming to OnLive, including games from the EA Sports Division. But I don't think that OnLive would let Konami know of an upcoming partnership with EA, and I don't think that it would be reason enough for Konami to remove their games from OnLive.

There is one possibility that could lead to a break up in partnership. Konami wouldn't be well inclined towards publishing their games on a service owned by their bitter rival in the football games arena, EA. Yes, I speculate that Konami's break up with OnLive could have something to do with EA taking over OnLive or investing in them. Time will tell if this is indeed happening or if it's utter nonsense.

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