Friday, 26 October 2012

OnLive Removed Major League Baseball 2K12 from the Marketplace in the US Because of a Game Breaking Bug

Major League Baseball 2K12 was released on OnLive in the US in April and was now already removed from the marketplace because of a game breaking bug. The game was never available for OnLive gamers in the UK and Belgium. This removal follows an unfortunate chain of other game removals culminating in the recent removal of Warner Bros. games from OnLive, though Major League Baseball 2K12 was removed because of technical problems.

OnLive stated that the critical bug surfaces for players when the game loads save data at the start of the gaming session and then the game essentially just freezes. Reportedly this bug is affecting all platforms, but the game publisher 2K Sports said that they will maybe patch up the console versions of the game and since OnLive uses the PC version they're out of luck.

As with any game removed from the OnLive marketplace to date, people who purchased Major League Baseball 2K12 are still able to play the game from their My Games tab. In case they are experiencing this critical bug, they should let OnLive know of it and OnLive will attempt to fix it, or give them a free game code for a comparable game.

OnLive senior manager of customer relations Nathan Barsetti posted at OnLive Fans:

Last week we discovered that there was a critical bug with the title. This surfaces for players when the game loads save data at the start of your session. Essentially it just freezes. This is a bug affecting all platforms. 2K has made it clear they will likely be patching the console versions of the game, but the omission of a fix for PC leads us to believe we won't be seeing it on our end. In the past, we've seen developer/publisher resources for sports franchises like MLB move to the new version (i.e. MLB 2K13). Apparently, 2K doesn't have rights to MLB titles moving forward, so we aren't expecting a new version coming out that we can provide a discount to affected users. We did something similar with NBA 2K10 and 11.

We've had some success with repairing this for a segment of customers, but it's not reliably resolving the issue across the board. Rather than sell a broken game, we decided to remove it from the Marketplace. If you already own the game and are experiencing this problem, let us know and we'll attempt to fix it, or give you a code for a comparable game.

Go Giants!

People who want to play virtual baseball on OnLive still have the choice of playing Major League Baseball 2K10 (UK, Belgium) and Major League Baseball 2K11 (UK, Belgium). Both games are part of the OnLive marketplace and the OnLive PlayPack.

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