Tuesday, 2 October 2012

OnLive Removed 3 Konami Games from the Marketplace and from the PlayPack in the UK and Belgium

Last week OnLive removed 4 Konami games from the Marketplace and from the PlayPack in the US, they've put it down "to shifts in publisher rights." Apart from Red Bull X-Fighters that never was a part of the Marketplace (Belgium) and PlayPack (Belgium) in the UK and Belgium, the other 3 Konami games remained in the Marketplace (Belgium) and in the PlayPack (Belgium) in the UK and Belgium.

Now OnLive also removed the 3 remaining Konami games from the Marketplace (Belgium) and from the PlayPack (Belgium) in the UK and Belgium. The removed games are SAW, Battle: Los Angeles and Puzzle Chronicles. People who bought PlayPasses for SAW and/or Puzzle Chronicles in the UK or Belgium still own the games and are able to play them on the OnLive cloud gaming service.

This removal doesn't make the "due to shifts in publisher rights to particular games" OnLive statement from last week very trustworthy.

The OnLive PlayPack is now at 249 games in the US, 248 games in the UK and 248 games in Belgium, and counting.


  1. onlive and konami did not break up there having issues with the servers ther fixing them as fast as possible pres 2012 will be back on the market place soon just to let you know onlive is already working with ea heres a link to the publishers there working with http://www.onlive.com/corporate/partners there working as we speak to add the titles that onlive is working with they commented soon they will have all publishers games

  2. oh never mind pres 2013 is coming and konami didnt want that on there service there going to have the new one but onlive users got and email sent regarding pres 2012 the not replyed last chance deal pres 2012 on onlive