Friday, 26 October 2012

OnLive Canceled the Darksiders II - Season Pass and Refunded Money back to the People Who Purchased It

Sadly, the OnLive removals and cancellations continue, as OnLive now canceled the Darksiders II - Season Pass that they've launched along the main game in August in the US and in the UK. The purchase price of the Darksiders II - Season Pass was $19.99 in the US ($13.99 PlayPack) and £12.99 in the UK (£9.09 PlayPack). As a matter of fact the Darksiders II - Season Pass wasn't available for purchase in the OnLive marketplace for some time, now OnLive only made the cancellation official. People who purchased the Darksiders II - Season Pass got their money refunded by OnLive. The Darksiders II - Season Pass included the following add-ons:
OnLive senior manager of customer relations Nathan Barsetti sent out an email message to people who purchased the Darksiders II - Season Pass. The email reads as follows:

Dear Season Pass Holder,

Thank you for purchasing the Darksiders II Season Pass. This letter is to inform you that we have refunded your purchase of this item. At this time we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same quantity of Downloadable Content (DLC) for Darksiders II that you would on other platforms.

There has been no removal of DLC from your OnLive copy of Darksiders II, but you will not see any automatic additions to your in-game mailbox (Tome) going forward. We do plan to add DLC, but without the option to receive it under the Season Pass. All refunds have been processed at this time, but may take 3-5 business days to show up in your account, dependent on the policies of your bank.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding on the matter. If you have any questions, or have not received the funds back in your account after 5 days, please contact the OnLive Customer Billing Department by visiting


Nate Barsetti
Sr. Manager, Customer Relations
PlayerTag: OnLiveNate

After OnLive went through ABC bankruptcy and started their reorganization, they lack the manpower for onboarding games and add-on content, so no wonder the problems with the add-on content for Darksiders II. OnLive stated that they are working on making it easier for games publishers and developers to put their content on the OnLive cloud gaming service. They want games from indie developers up to the top games from the biggest games publishers delivered by them just by pressing the submit button and not that an army of OnLive engineers is needed to help them port the games over to OnLive. This is a feature that their biggest rival in the cloud gaming arena to date Gaikai has been bragging a lot about.

But it could take several months until AAA titles start appearing in large numbers again on OnLive as they stabilize, get more people working on getting the games, and make it easier for games publishers and developers to bring their games to OnLive.

Nathan Barsetti posted at OnLive Fans:

Yep, no secret our new content is thin right now. Everyday I get updates on what is in the works with new games, and while I can't announce the titles specifically, be prepared for it to be several months before we are able to flood the Marketplace with AAA titles again. Most large publishers are cranking on the holiday retail season, and new title development can take a back seat during this time. We know from experience that generally serious work on preparing new spring and summer titles for market doesn't begin in earnest until the new year.

As for opting to refund the money rather than providing PlayPasses, we have found since launch that while some people see this as an attractive alternative, most would prefer to have the cash back in hand. Rather than create another level of processing by our Customer Billing Dept., we felt this was the cleanest path to resolution for DSII Season Pass holders.

He added:

I want to append what I posted earlier on this thread. We will have releases, and some well known titles, very soon. My comment about the months ahead is that mainstream releases tend to move in cycles, industry wide. We are moving into the holiday cycle, and due to the reboot we've had with publishers, we are not in a place to participate in it. The games on the horizon are great new titles that we are aiming to get Day & Date. The seasonal cycle these titles fall into may be as late as Spring. Again, there will be additions to the service in both PlayPass and PlayPack, but I'm referring to big budget, widely marketed titles, otherwise known as AAA.

Of course the question remains when, if at all, will OnLive regain trust from games publishers and developers after their problems? The answer is not easy. Other strong cloud gaming contenders like Sony are coming up and even if OnLive manages to remove the need to port PC games to their cloud gaming platform and make it super easy for games publishers and developers to bring the games to them, in the end this might not be enough after what they've gone through.

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