Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Multiplayer Support for Split/Second and Pure on OnLive has Ended Because Disney Finished Supporting the Multiplayer for the Two Games Across All Platforms

Split/Second and Pure, the two racing titles from publisher Disney Interactive Studios and developer Black Rock Studio, are part of the OnLive cloud gaming service for more than a year in the US with Disney Interactive Studios saying that they want to bring their titles to OnLive in the UK and Belgium. Now both games were stripped of their multiplayer functionality on OnLive because Disney Interactive Studios decided to cease support of multiplayer for the two games across all platforms. Both games were great fun with multiplayer, especially Split/Second which at least retains its local multiplayer splitscreen functionality and even supports touch controls on OnLive.

Disney was recently in other cloud gaming news as they have partnered with cloud gaming company G-cluster which will get their games.

OnLive senior manager of customer relations Nathan Barsetti posted at OnLive Fans:

Disney has ended Multiplayer Support for Split/Second and Pure

We just got word that our partner Disney has ended their support for Multiplayer on the two racing titles of theirs we host, Split/Second and Pure. This permanent change will be reflected on the Marketplace screen for the games, and a reminder will be put up for a time when you launch either of the games. This is unfortunately beyond our control, and wholly a decision of the publisher. We are told this is the case across all platforms.

I know that people play Split/Second MP often, and I've enjoyed it a bunch myself. We won't be providing refunds for anyone that has purchased it longer than a month ago.

Thanks and feel free to discuss among yourselves.

In response to questions that why this should affect OnLive, due to them hosting their own servers and if most multiplayer games on OnLive are reliant on outside servers Nathan Barsetti replied at OnLive Fans, "it is totally dependent on the game and the mechanics for matchmaking coded in the game itself. These titles are completely dependent on Disney's servers for MP."

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