Wednesday, 19 September 2012

OnLive Will Not Sell Borderlands 2 at this Time - In Discussions with 2K Games About Getting the Game

At this year's E3 when OnLive was still going strong and only their management knew about their financial problems, they posted a Facebook video with parts of various game trailers of games that were on the service or about to come to it. Part of the video that you can see below was also Borderlands 2, which sort of confirmed that the game is coming to OnLive or that OnLive strongly believes that they will get the game.

After OnLive's bankruptcy debacle many people thought that OnLive will have troubles getting Borderlands 2 ready on time for the launch date that was yesterday, because they've lost many employees who were responsible for getting the games to the service. Perhaps this is still the case as OnLive hasn't released any new games this week, not even to the OnLive PlayPack which got one new game a week lately. It might well be that the games OnLive released in the last weeks were ready to go before their bankruptcy debacle and they've now run out of these games. They might be having troubles hiring back former employees and getting new people to bring the games to the service. If this is the case, it is the more unfortunate at this time frame in the fall where most of the biggest games of the year are released.

Borderlands 2 is certainly one of the blockbuster titles of this year and OnLive has now confirmed that the trouble with this game is not only in getting it to the service on time for release date, but that they are having trouble securing the game rights from its publisher 2K Games. OnLive posted on their Facebook page, "‎2K officially launched Borderlands 2 today to great critical acclaim. Unfortunately OnLive will not be selling the game at this time. We are currently in discussions with 2K about bringing the game to OnLive, and will update you when we have more specific information. Thanks for your continued support!" They've also confirmed this by Twitter with these words, "unfortunately we will not be selling Borderlands 2 at this time; we're in discussions with 2K about bringing the game to OnLive, stay tuned."


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