Friday, 28 September 2012

OnLive Removed 4 Games from the Marketplace and from the PlayPack in the US

The 4 games that OnLive removed from the Marketplace and PlayPack in the US are SAW, Battle: Los Angeles, Red Bull X-Fighters and Puzzle Chronicles. Red Bull X-Fighters never was a part of the OnLive Marketplace and PlayPack in the UK and Belgium. SAW (Belgium), Battle: Los Angeles (Belgium) and Puzzle Chronicles (Belgium) are still part of the OnLive Marketplace and OnLive PlayPack in the UK and Belgium. People who bought PlayPasses for SAW and/or Puzzle Chronicles in the US still own the games and are able to play them on the OnLive cloud gaming service.

All 4 games were originally published by Konami which is a content partner of OnLive.

OnLive senior manager of customer relations Nathan Barsetti wrote this at OnLive Fans:

From time to time, due to shifts in publisher rights to particular games, and in-turn our rights to sell them, we need to remove titles from the service. In the case of PlayPasses we can allow the customer to retain their copy of the game, but in the case of the PlayPack, we need to remove it completely. The following games are no longer available:

Battle LA
Red Bull X Fighters
Puzzle Chronicles

That's not to say they won't be back, as we've seen it happen many times where we start the process of pulling the games, and we get a last minute authorization to keep them up. Permission may happen, it may not, but based on the rate of play these games had, it shouldn't make much of a difference to the actual value of the PlayPack.

Nathan Barsetti latter added at OnLive Fans, "yep, you guys are right. These titles are still available in the UK and Belgium, as who holds the rights for those games is different. ALSO, if you bought Saw or Puzzle Chronicles as a PlayPass early on, you will still have access."

The OnLive PlayPack is now at 249 games in the US, 251 games in the UK and 251 games in Belgium, and counting. This means that for the first time the European OnLive PlayPack now has more games than the OnLive PlayPack in the US.

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