Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Free-to-Play (F2P) Games Might be Coming to OnLive

OnLive UK general manager Bruce Grove was at Gamescom 2012 and told NowGamer that OnLive has been looking at free-to-play (F2P) and though they don't have a free-to-play business model yet they are weighing the options. Because they are a platform that has to pay for running data centres and for delivering the content, they have to consider the economics of such a move, making sure that it all works and fits together. Of course they want to encourage the developers to bring their content to OnLive. They are working a lot with indie developers, and want to continue supporting publishers and developers of all sizes.

Bruce thinks that free-to-play will not replace everything and that is true across lots of different industries. He said that he's been around long enough and has seen a lot of different models come and go. He fears that you end up with discoverability problems as a platform, if you start putting everything in as free-to-play.

We can look on that from this point of view that when OnLive will have thousands of games in the PlayPack, the OnLive PlayPack basically will be a free-to-play business model. I mean paying $9.99 per month is not really something people notice... you can easily spend more for one meal. So one could say that the PlayPack is OnLive's free-to-play business model and they could easily add free-to-play titles into the PlayPack. When the PlayPack will grow to thousands of games, who knows if OnLive will not think about raising the price of it, but of course that's a dangerous business move.

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