Saturday, 11 August 2012

Community Manager Matt Jensen Departed (was Fired?) from OnLive

OnLive community manager Matt Jensen (OnLive MJ) left his job at OnLive for the search of other opportunities. He tweeted, "Today is my last day at OnLive. It's been a great ride and I wish them the best. Find me playing around as Squirrel Thunder in service!" Later he tweeted, "As for future plans, stay tuned. I'll announce on Monday!" and he finally tweeted, "It's official. I'm unemployed until Monday."

Lately OnLive MJ was more engaged with checking out various holiday destinations and his engagement, than doing his job as OnLive community manager. It might well be that he was fired from OnLive because of that and the lack of enthusiasm required for the job. I think it's a good choice from OnLive MJ to search for other opportunities as I think he wasn't happy and passionate at the job of OnLive community manager. All the luck in your future endeavours MJ... I think you should consider to apply for the job of holiday destination tester, you seem pretty happy at the beach with your cool sunglasses.

I'm very curious if OnLive will look for a new community manager or they will let it be as they have a pretty closed information policy towards their community, which may of course change in the future.

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