Saturday, 4 August 2012

Are Sony and Gaikai's David Perry Trying to Make a Supervillain Out of OnLive?

Many of you might have seen the new trailer for the upcoming James Bond 007 movie titled Skyfall. If not, at the end of the article is your chance to see it. As any good Bond movie enthusiast knows a Bond movie has to have a supervillain whom Bond faces, the villain catches Bond and intends to kill him with some convoluted method that is bound to fail... instead of putting a bullet in his head right away. The scene where Goldfinger tries to cut Bond in half with a slow moving laser comes to my mind. The latest Bond movies did change that a little, they have to go with the Call of Duty times, but they still need a person and/or organization that resembles a supervillain.

You ask why am I writing about James Bond and supervillains, and what has that to do with cloud gaming? Patience, it will be revealed to you... ooops, I forgot you already read the title. Hm yes, OnLive and supervillains. Let me refresh your memory on two elusive symbols of OnLive, them being the OnLive logo, and OnLive Founder and CEO Steve Perlman. You can see both below.

You might wonder from where the picture below is and why it resembles the OnLive logo, it even has the OnLive orange. Well, those of you who have watched the Skyfall trailer attentively, especially the end of it, might not wonder. At the 2:18 mark in the Skyfall trailer you can clearly see the orange logo that resembles OnLive's on the side of a military looking helicopter. Apparently this is the logo of the supervillain organization in Skyfall.

OnLive chose the logo because it means endlesness, as it's a modified symbol for it. Of course they also chose it because it looks cool. Did the production team on Skyfall copy the OnLive logo, they even left the OnLive orange in place and only modified it by making the inside angular? Many sparks fired in my head when I saw the logo in the Skyfall trailer.

It didn't took long and I asked myself who is making the movie. Right away I had a certain Japan based mega corporation in mind that is big in motion picture. Surprise, surprise, that mega corporation that recently bought cloud gaming company Gaikai has partnered with MGM on the Skyfall movie. Again, it's no surprise for those who have read the title of this article, well it's Sony. I thought, "Oh, shit, it's Sony!"

Well, at a certain level OnLive deserves of being stamped as a supervillain. Their Founder and CEO Steve Perlman certainly has some allures of a grand leader who has ambitions to take over the world. And OnLive's PR also resembles that of a secret organization or agency. And apparently their logo is also supervillain worthy, at least it looks like Sony thinks it is and me too.

But, I think Gaikai CEO David Perry and Sony are the real supervillains in this story and want to make OnLive look like the bad guys with the help of this subliminal messaging. Let's hope that OnLive doesn't pay for pre-movie adverts that play before the Skyfall movie, or else people might puke everytime they see the OnLive logo, so basically everytime they start up the OnLive client. Though I don't think that subliminal messages of the OnLive logo in movies are that puke worthy in comparison to let's say a penis like in the Fight Club movie theater scene. Of course one may see it the other way around and OnLive should ride on the back of the Skyfall movie success and pre-advertise the hell out of it in movie theatres.

What else has Sony in store in the Skyfall movie to make OnLive look bad? Are they doing it in other movies and media? Well, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, may I present the real supervillain.

For readers that have problems identifying humor, yes there are such people, here's is a warning that this article is more of the humorous kind and you need not panic because of a global conspiracy by Sony in movies and other media. Though... who knows?! Where is my tin foil hat when I need it?

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