Sunday, 29 July 2012

Update on FortressCraft for OnLive

Adam Sawkins (DjArcas) of ProjectorGames is testing out FortressCraft on servers running in OnLive's data centers. He tweeted, "I've just been testing FortressCraft, running on the #OnLive server farm. Wow, it runs SMOOTHLY. I must try higher draw distances... :-)" He is quite enthusiastic about the game coming to OnLive and how good it runs on the OnLive servers.

DjArcas also tweeted the to-do list for FortressCraft on OnLive, "I'm working on the final work-list for Onlive now. What's in, what will come in a patch, what needs fixing and polishing: ." It looks like he still has a lot of work to do before he can release the game on OnLive.

Finally, DjArcas is very excited about FortressCraft coming to the OUYA Android game console via OnLive, as he tweeted, "Confirmed : FortressCraft will be coming to OUYA, via OnLive." Just on Friday OnLive and OUYA announced that OnLive will come pre-installed on the OUYA Android game console when it launches in March 2013 for $99.

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    This will not dissappoint