Saturday, 7 July 2012

Big Fish Games will Launch Universal Cloud Gaming Service

Big Fish Games announced that they will launch a cloud gaming service later this summer. The cloud gaming service from Big Fish Games will be called Universal Cloud Gaming Service.

Big Fish’s new universal cloud gaming service will give gamers access to more than 100 of their favorite Big Fish games via the cloud. Big Fish’s vast game catalog will be accessible through instant video streaming on a wide range of devices (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, and connected TV) with just one simple login. Think of Big Fish’s upcoming service like the OnLive PlayPackNetflix or Pandora, where you have one login that can access hundreds of hours of entertainment from anywhere, anytime.

Once Big Fish’s new universal cloud gaming service is launched, you will be able to start a game on your tablet at home in the morning, pick up where you left off on your PC at lunchtime, and resume again on a connected TV while sitting on your couch after dinner! Your game progress is saved in the cloud, so there is no backtracking.

It's not yet clear if Big Fish Games will launch their cloud gaming service alone or with the help of a technology partner. Since Gaikai was the service of choice for many cloud gaming services, one would think that they would partner with Gaikai. But after Gaikai was purchased by Sony it's not that easy anymore. NVIDIA recently came out with guns blazing on cloud gaming and revealed their Geforce GRID cloud gaming technology. But, since the Big Fish Games are relatively easy on the hardware, I think it would be too expensive and uneconomical for Big Fish to buy Geforce GRID GPUs. I think Amazon's elastic compute cloud service would be more in line with Big Fish's needs.

In addition to launching this new service as one more way to access Big Fish's games, Big Fish will continue to offer A New Game Every Day! for PC and Mac, and add new mobile games to its catalog every week. They will have more information about their universal cloud gaming service shortly, so keep checking back.

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