Wednesday, 13 June 2012

OnLive Released the Witches & Wieners Pack DLC for Saints Row: The Third

OnLive released the Witches & Wieners Pack DLC for Saints Row: The Third. The Saints Row: The Third - Witches & Wieners Pack add-on costs $2.99 in the US ($2.09 PlayPack) and £1.99 in the UK (£1.39 PlayPack).

For those who wish to be more than they are, there's the Witches & Wieners Pack. Now dress yourself as the best mascot in town, the Hot Dog. Just hope your enemies aren't hungry. Or sneak around and shoot people in the back as a Ninja. A halo and horns shows who's naughty or nice. Want to channel your inner witch? Go ahead and dress the part while riding your broomstick through the air!

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