Thursday, 24 May 2012

Gaikai Signs Deal with Autodesk to Use Their Scaleform UI Solution on Gaikai's Cloud Gaming Platform

Gaikai, the cloud gaming service, announced that it has signed a strategic deal with Autodesk to enable the use of Autodesk Scaleform user interface (UI) solution within the Gaikai open cloud platform to deliver state-of-the-art user interfaces on PCs, digital TVs, set-top boxes and mobile devices. Gaikai will leverage key elements of Scaleform and Adobe Flash within the Gaikai platform to deliver industry-leading UI implementations across a wide range of entertainment devices.

The combination of Scaleform and Flash greatly simplifies the process of UI design. As part of the deal, Gaikai can use the technology to enable innovative ways for its partners to create and manage their own custom assets for the client front end, storefront and all realtime communication with gamers.

Used in well over 1,000 video game titles across major gaming platforms, Autodesk Scaleform middleware enables developers to leverage the power of the Adobe Flash toolset to create powerful and immersive user interfaces. Development is streamlined by empowering artists to create and rapidly iterate assets using the Adobe toolset with little programming support which can result in decreased labor costs and improved time to market.

“Gaikai is designed for game developers, publishers and platform partners to deliver the highest quality interactive experiences to any screen on any device, even if the games are impossible to run locally,” said Gaikai’s CEO David Perry. “We needed to make everything incredibly flexible and Scaleform middleware’s ease of use and outstanding performance allows our partners to have rich user interface experiences on par with their high-end AAA content.”

“We are pleased that Gaikai selected Scaleform to power the UI in their world-class cloud gaming platform,” stated Marc StevensAutodesk vice president of product management. “We are excited to see the user experiences that Gaikai and their platform partners develop, as they make video games accessible to a much wider audience than they are today.”

Not only is the Autodesk Scaleform middleware integrated into leading game engines like Unreal Engine 3 and CryEngine 3, and used in many blockbuster video games, now it looks like Autodesk is pushing the Scaleform middleware into cloud gaming services to power their user interfaces. I wonder if Scaleform will help cloud gaming services reach the quality of the industry-leading OnLive user interface. In OnLive, virtually every aspect of the user interface is comprised of streaming video like the mass spectating Arena and Brag Clips, and this not only requires a great user interface solution, but some impressive networking technology in the data centers.


  1. The UI is very user centered and that is a good thing. So much better than PSN's XMB.

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    1. I never used XMB, but yes I think that OnLive's UI is great, though some don't like it. Seeing it for the first time is really a revelation, everything is moving and fluid, with elements of the UI displaying live video of the content they relate to.

      Of course after using it for some time the novelty wears off and you have to remind yourself what a futurisitc UI you are using and what an accomplishment it is coming from such a small company like OnLive.

      Nonetheless some user customization options would be great, like some additional skins, resizable and movable UI elements, the ability for users to upload their own videos and pictures, etc. With OnLive going through such huge problems recently, we'll probably have to wait a while for it to happen.