Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Deutsche Telekom's Games Platform Gamesload Launched a New Cloud Gaming Offering Powered by Gaikai

Gamesload, Deutsche Telekom's (German Telecom) games platform, is one of the leading providers of commercial PC games downloads in Germany. Its lineup currently includes more than 2,300 PC and casual games, over 100 free online games and over 30 browser games. Their games flat rate allows customers to access a large number of products online and play these as much as they like until their subscription runs out.

Gamesload is one of Germany’s top gaming portals, serving thousands of visitors every day with the hottest high quality PC titles and an enormous selection of casual games. Visitors can try demos and purchase full games through a variety of options including direct download, subscription plans, free-to-play with microtransactions, and free online games.

Now, Deutsche Telekom has partnered with cloud gaming provider Gaikai, to offer cloud gaming demos to gamers in Germany. Visitors of Gamesload are now able to enjoy 30 minutes demos of cloud-based games like FIFA 12, Mass Effect 3 or the popular The Sims franchise completely free of charge – including the option to buy and download the full game with just one mouse click at any time. The Gamesload service with the help of Gaikai provides immediate, pure gaming fun in a browser window – with no registration, installation or hardware requirements. The Gamesload offering is the first of its kind local to the German market and marks the first step into cloud gaming for Deutsche Telekom.

The Gamesload portfolio of cloud gaming demos includes about a dozen titles at launch. Both partners intend to extend the range of available products over the coming months

Users often wonder before buying a game whether it will deliver on its promises and meet their expectations. Gamesload now makes the decision easier for prospective buyers by enabling them to trial the full game online free of charge for up to 30 minutes with no strings attached. This fulfills a fundamental user demand: “Over 80 percent of our customers would like to try a game before spending money on it. Our cloud-based gaming experience now can offer them immediate hands-on experience of the game, and lets them fully immerse themselves in it straight away, thereby increasing the customer benefit enormously,” explains Renate Grof, Head of Gamesload.

“We’ve built Gaikai from the ground up to support the digital vision of the most respected companies in the world. Deutsche Telekom’s Gamesload is embracing the digital future and giving their customers the added benefit of being able to try before they buy,” said David Perry, CEO Gaikai Inc.

I wonder how Gaikai intends to navigate around the stringent German games violence law. Gaikai's strongest opponent in the cloud gaming arena OnLive, has opted to block the availability of their service in Germany because of the stringent games violence law, though the difference is that OnLive offers full cloud games and many more that is. Some of OnLive's games are quite violent and some are even unrated, so at least for the time being until OnLive officially launches in Germany they've opted to retract from the German gaming market.

You can go to to try the new cloud games demos on Gamesload powered by Gaikai.


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