Tuesday, 24 April 2012

OnLive Released Armada 2526 Gold, Dear Esther and Lume to the PlayPack

OnLive released Armada 2526 GoldDear Esther and Lume to the PlayPack. Dear Esther and Lume were already featured as demos in the OnLive indie showcase that OnLive ran as gold sponsor of the 14th Annual Independent Games Festival (IGF) two months ago. These three additions bring the OnLive PlayPack to 213 games and growing.

Armada 2526 Gold

Armada 2526 Gold is a 4X science fiction space opera strategy game published by Iceberg Interactive and developed by Ntronium Games.

Armada 2526 continues the great tradition of space opera games. You guide your race from its first interstellar journeys, until it becomes a mighty galactic empire.

Along the way, you'll found new colonies and manage them, deploy and maneuver your mighty star fleets, and conduct research. Plot your strategy and turn your planets into mighty bastions. The trade system lets you trade valuable commodities between both your own and alien worlds. Alien relics, rare minerals, tourists, or even natural antimatter, your freighters will carry them all. Explore the galaxy and research new star systems, where you may encounter tachyon storms, psychic plants, primitives or find abandoned alien technology. Diplomacy is of utter importance in being successful. Make pacts and alliances, make threats or ask for favours - and when the time is right, replace diplomacy by space combat and fight it out in epic real-time 3D battles.

Although the game is complex, and the possible strategies endless, powerful help and advisor features, help you get up to speed quickly. Unlike many games in this genre, Armada 2526 focuses on providing a game that can be finished in a reasonable time, and emphasizes battle and strategy over economic micro-management.

The game consists of two sections. The Star Map is where you run your empire: manage your colonies, deploy your fleets, do research, and conduct diplomacy. It uses a turn based system, so you can take as long as you wish to plan your actions. However, once battle is joined, you switch to the battle module and fight it out in a real-time 3D system that brings to life the beauty and visceral carnage of space combat.

The Armada 2526 Gold Edition also includes the Supernova expansion. Supernova is the first expansion for Armada 2526 and gives you more to explore, more to exploit and two new races to exterminate. The exploration side of the game has been greatly enhanced with new types of stars and planets and a wide variety of special characteristics that a system may possess. There’s a new trade system that lets you build up a trading network, a system for espionage and special operations, new technologies to research and lots of new units types.

Features in Armada 2526 Gold Edition:
  • Turn based star map for moving fleets, managing colonies, performing research, and conducting diplomacy.
  • Customizable map size and number of players, allowing you to construct tight 2 player confrontations, or huge galaxies with 50 or more players, and thousands of stars.
  • 18 animated alien races to play and battle against.
  • Full featured diplomacy system, with a highly intelligent AI and options to ask favors, make demands, and issue ultimatums.
  • More than 150 technology items to research, including advances in ship construction, ground defenses, biological warfare, and psychic powers.
  • 3D Real-time battle system for fighting huge battles with 100 or more ships per side.
  • Ground combat is integrated into the combat system, allowing marines to be landed to battle ground defenses while ship combat rages overhead.
  • More than a hundred beautifully crafted ship models, including mighty dreadnaughts, long range missile cruisers, fighters, carriers, and asteroids for bombarding planets.
  • Tough AI opponents.
  • Includes the Supernova expansion.

Metascore: 66

You can play the free demo of Armada 2526 Gold for the US powered by OnLive.

You can play the free demo of Armada 2526 Gold for the UK powered by OnLive.

Dear Esther

Dear Esther is an experimental adventure indie game published and developed by The Chinese Room.

Dear Esther is the highly anticipated indie remake of the cult mod Dear Esther for Half-Life 2, powered by Valve's Source engine. Dear Esther immerses you in a stunningly realized world, a remote and desolate island somewhere in the Outer Hebrides. As you step forwards, a voice begins to read fragments of a letter: Dear Esther... - and so begins a journey through one of the most original first-person games of recent years. Abandoning traditional gameplay for a pure story-driven experience, Dear Esther fuses it's beautiful environments with a breathtaking soundtrack to tell a powerful story of love, loss, guilt and redemption.

Dear Esther is a first-person ghost story. Rather than traditional game-play the focus here is on exploration, uncovering the mystery of a lonely island, of who you are and why you are here. Fragments of story are randomly uncovered when exploring the various locations of the island, making every each journey a unique experience.

Metascore: 78

You can play the free demo of Dear Esther for the US powered by OnLive.

You can play the free demo of Dear Esther for the UK powered by OnLive.


Lume is a puzzle adventure indie game published and developed by State of Play Games.

Lume is an illuminating puzzle adventure!

With a set built entirely out of paper and cardboard, and sumptuously filmed, Lume is a game with a style and tactility unlike any other.

As Lumi, an inquisitive young girl, you discover that power to your grandad’s house has failed. What’s more, he’s nowhere to be seen, but appears to have left you some intriguing clues.

Immerse yourself in Lume’s photoreal world, solve perplexing paper puzzles to help restore the power through ingenious eco-technology, and uncover a deeper mystery behind the blackout. Beautifully animated with handcrafted care, this illuminating puzzle adventure game will put visual, aural and memory skills to the test.

Metascore: 68

You can play the free demo of Lume for the US powered by OnLive.

You can play the free demo of Lume for the UK powered by OnLive.

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