Sunday, 29 April 2012

OnLive Community Manager Matt Jensen's Tuesday 4/25/2012 Livecast - PlayPack Edition

This week, OnLive Community Manager Matt Jensen (OnLive MJ) had a special PlayPack edition of his livecast as part of the PlayPack 200 celebration.

Here are the main points of the livecast:

- There have been a ton of events in the PlayPack 200 celebration.
- Winner for the Homefront Brag Clip challenge was Eric Spivey, who won himself some OnLive ear buds.
- Some really good Brag Clips were submitted in the PlayPack Brag Clip challenge.
- Every Wednesday there will be PlayPack challenges (like mentioned before). If you want to keep up to date with the PlayPack challenges, follow OnLive's Facebook page.
- PlayPack 200 leaderboard will be posted on OnLive's Facebook page.
- A lot of new PlayPack things that OnLive is working on in the next month or two. A lot of stuff is coming to the PlayPack. New fun games and cool stuff.
- OnLive senior manager of customer relations Nate Barsetti (OnLive Nate) talked about The Breaking Point podcast. He talked about the OLF forum and about people who abuse and scam on OnLiveOnLive Nate wanted to let people know that OnLive does monitor the scammers thread on OnLiveFans, and if they see names come up there, they are checking them out and make sure that they take care of it.
- OnLive Nate thanked the OnLive fans for being their eyes and ears on the service. He said that they can't give us the information on what they are doing to specific offenders, so don't expect to find out what happened with an abuse report that you sent in.

Stay tuned for next week's livecast from OnLive community manager Matt Jensen, scheduled for Tuesday 2pm PT / 5pm ET.

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