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OnLive Community Manager Matt Jensen's Tuesday 4/10/2012 Livecast - Risen 2: Dark Waters, Darksiders 2 and Assault Heroes 2 are Coming to OnLive

The OnLive MJ livecasts are back, and this time with vengeance as Dead Island community manager Aubrey Norris joined OnLive community manager Matt Jensen in this week's livecast.

Here are the main points of the livecast:

SDK for Private Invites
Game invites in Saints Row: The Third are available not through the game but through the OnLive service. Get an invite from your friend, pull up the dashboard and join a game. The functionality will start growing with some of the games that are coming out. A few already do it now.

New Android Update
Little fixes here and there.
Biggest thing they fixed is the Sony Tablet S will now run with the PS3 controller.

New features in the OnLive service.
- If you are a private player but want people to still watch you, you can jump in and turn the jeer notifications off, so that you are not annoyed by them.
- The arena is now shown differently. More information is provided for who you are spectating. You can see how long the person has been playing.
- You can now sort by Friends, Most Spectators, Most Cheered, Full Games Only and Longest Sessions in the arena.
- Brag Clip videos in the dashboard.

New Games (Now Over 200 OnLive PlayPack Games)
- L.A. Noire touch.
SEGA Genesis (Mega Drive) games - 48 have been added to the OnLive PlayPack.
- Operation Flashpoint: Red River - Includes 4 player co-op.
- Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution.
- MLB 2K12 comes to the US as a PlayPass and MLB 2K11 is added to the PlayPack.
- Dead Island.

Aubrey Norris, Community Manager for Dead Island (Deep Silver). She does Community, PR and Marketing.
- She has played Dead Island many many many times.
- Game usually takes about 40 hours.
- About 40 different characters that all specialize in different things.
- Aubrey likes to play as Logan, who is the Jack of all trades class. He is good at everything, but not stellar at one weapon type or another. Aubrey said there is nothing that feels better than throwing a knife at a zombie.
Aubrey loves the crafting in the game. She said one time she took a baseball bat and made a flaming baseball bat.
- Easter Eggs: A lot of off the beaten path stuff. If you look around you can find vendors that are selling stuff that you wouldn't know is there if you didn't look for it. The game rewards exploration. When you get to the Hotel (inside), it's one of Aubrey's favorite places of the game. It's super creepy and scary. There is one part in the hotel where there is a big swimming pool, that you can drown zombies in.

- Risen 2: Dark Waters is a game that Deep Silver is working on. It is coming out in a few weeks, and it will be coming to OnLive. It won't come day-and-date, but it will come soon after that. It's a pirate RPG where there are multiple ways to solve quests.

- You can follow Aubrey Norris on Twitter at: @chupacaubrey.

More Announcements:

Wednesdays - Wednesday PlayPack Challenge
Wednesday last week OnLive asked the gamers to do a Sonic the Hedgehog speedrun. This Wednesday was another Wednesday PlayPack Challenge, could you beat 69,030 points on Stage 1 in Streets of Rage 2, the winner was AdyCarter who scored the high score of 121,980. The Wednesday PlayPack Challenges will continue in the next weeks with prizes for the winners. Check out the OnLive Facebook page, and keep an eye out for these challenges.

Assault Heroes 2, a game already confirmed for OnLive, is coming to OnLive soon.
The game is an arcade style shooter. It's an Xbox Live game that is now coming to the OnLive service. It is a controller only game, the first controller only game for OnLive. It's coming in the next couple of weeks.

PlayPack 200 - PlayPack 200 Celebration
200 hours of nonstop challenges, prizes, contests, multiplayer madness and more! There are 204 games in the OnLive PlayPack. More information will be coming out. It is starting next week.

Darksiders II, a game already confirmed for OnLive, is coming to OnLive.

Stay tuned for next week's livecast from OnLive community manager Matt Jensen, scheduled for Tuesday 2pm PT / 5pm ET.

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