Monday, 23 April 2012

OnLive Added New My Games Feature to OnLive User Accounts on Their Web Page

OnLive added a new My Games feature to OnLive user accounts on their web page. This feature comes just in time for the OnLive Play-to-Win sweepstakes that is part of the OnLive PlayPack 200 celebration. You receive an entry into the sweepstakes for every PlayPack game you play for a minimum of 200 seconds each. With the new My Games feature you can track which games you have played.

The new My Games feature consists of three tabs. The first tab is PLAY HISTORY which as the name says displays the games you have played in chronological order. The second tab is PLAYPACK which displays the OnLive PlayPack games you have played, if you are a PlayPack subscriber. The third tab is ALL GAMES which displays all the games you own. You can sort the games by genre and by alphabetical order/last played/play time/release date. You can also search through your games, if you are a heavy game buyer.

Each game has its corresponding info like full PlayPass or rental, last time played, total playtime, controller type supported, metascore, user rating, age rating, publisher and developer, release date, genre, game picture, game description, etc. You can also launch into each OnLive game you own directly, when you click on the corresponding play button of said game.

Here is the direct link to the My Games feature in your OnLive account for the US:

Here is the direct link to the My Games feature in your OnLive account for the UK:

Of course you have to sign in to your OnLive account to access the My Games feature.

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