Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Will the Release of the OnLive App for iOS Coincide with the Availability of the iPad 3 on Friday March 16?

Certainly there are some signs that point this way. For instance, the iPad 3 supports 4G LTE connections, the likes of which OnLive Mobile dearly needs, which could point to an iPad 3 only support of the OnLive App for iOS.

OnLive also hasn't added any new touch enabled games to their games catalogue, which could mean they work on a bunch of touch controls enabled games and plan to release them all together along the OnLive iOS App release. Two of the flagship touch controls titles that OnLive teased are also still absent. L.A. Noire touch controls were promised to release soon after the OnLive Mobile release and we are still waiting. The other game, From Dust, is a title that OnLive teased us even longer with as a flagship touch enabled title and the game is still nowhere to be found on OnLive with or without touch controls. Speaking of From Dust, the game was spoted multiple times during this week appearing on the OnLive marketplace only to vanish a little latter. Could this mean that we are close to an OnLive touch enabled games release explosion along the OnLive App for iOS on Friday?

Another suspicious sign is that OnLive hasn't released any games this Tuesday, which is their usual release day every week. They tweeted, "PSA: There will be no new games tonight. Stay tuned for updates later this week; in the meantime check out the 2K sale!"

There was also no OnLive MJ livecast on Tuesday, which is also the usual day for the livecast. This could mean that OnLive Community Manager Matt Jensen waits for his livecast until OnLive will announce the OnLive App for iOS release.

OnLive has also countless times reiterated that they are still working with Apple on the OnLive App for iOS release. This reiteration has almost become a phrase in the OnLive MJ livecasts.

This could all mean nothing, but something itches me it means something.

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