Thursday, 8 March 2012

OnLive Updated User Interface and Improved Performance

Whether you like to play on your PC, Mac, TV or tablet, you might notice some cool improvements when you next log into the OnLive service. OnLive has tweaked the user interface (UI) to put more of the info you want at your fingertips.

Here are the highlights:

Find out just how big a crowd someone has gathered with a new at-a-glance spectator icon. You can also control your Arena view with the new View (V key on keyboard; Y button on gamepad) and Refresh (R key on keyboard; X button on gamepad) options. You can now browse through the Arena based on Friends, Most Spectators, Most Cheered, Full Games Only and Longest Sessions. These are all options that were missed by OnLive gamers and spectators, so it's great to have them at their disposal now.

My Games
Want to see all your purchases in one place? The Play History tab in My Games has been changed to PlayPass, so you can see what you own, sorted by last played. With more than 200 games available, this was a hot request. This makes finding a game to play on the service much easier, and less time consuming.

Brag Clips
Check out and manage your Brag Clips without leaving your game. Just open your Dashboard and hit Alt + O (center gamepad button) to see your new My Brag Clips pane. Users can also now open and view Brag Clips that are sent to their inboxes, while not having to exit a game. 

OnLive PlayPack
Find out more about PlayPack games. Trailers and related media are now supported for PlayPack games in the Game Details pages and will be added as available.

Take the bad or take the good: You can now control Cheers and Jeers notifications separately in Settings/Notifications.

OnLive has also made other miscellaneous fixes to improve performance throughout. Launch the OnLive client to check them out for yourself. And don’t forget to tell OnLive what you think by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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