Wednesday, 14 March 2012

OnLive Updated Saints Row: The Third and Added the Genkibowl VII and CheapyD DLCs

OnLive updated Saints Row: The Third and fixed some bugs along the way. There's a Friends Only option added in the Privacy Options for all your friends on your friends list. This makes it easier to connect and play with friends. OnLive also fixed the issue of some achievements not working and the homies contact now also works, with CheapyD included.

OnLive also improved the graphics on Saints Row: The Third. For instance you can now see reflections on the road and the game runs smoother.

The big news is of course the addition of the Saints Row: The Third add-ons Genkibowl VII and CheapyD.

Saints Row: The Third - Genkibowl VII

Genkibowl VII costs $6.99 in the US ($4.89 PlayPack) and £4.49 in the UK (£3.14 PlayPack).

Genkibowl VII brings new missions, new outfits, and new vehicles for the hit THQ title, Saints Row: The Third.

Featuring games themed by the Genki Girls Angry Tiger, Sexy Kitten and Sad Panda, see if you can beat Genkibowl and gain them and reporter Tammy Tolliver as homies!

Some sports are played with balls. Genkibowl is played with your very life. Strap it on.

Genkibowl VII is the first downloadable mission pack for Saints Row: The Third, and features such mind-bending games as Sexy Kitten Yarngasm, Sad Panda Skyblazing, Apocalypse Genki, and Super Ethical PR Opportunity.

The key features of Genkibowl VII include:

Super Crazy Fun Extravaganza – All the excitement of sports’ greatest moments, all the ridiculous action of a foreign game show, and you as the star of it all. Complete with commentary by Steelport’s favorite announcers, Zach and Bobby, and their new side-line correspondent Tammy Tolliver.
Murder Time, Fun Time – Nothing involving the weird, wacky, wonderful world of Genki is complete without mascot murdering mayhem.
Three Is No Crowd – See into the minds of Genki Girls Sad Panda, Angry Tiger and Sexy Kitten by playing through crazy, new Genki games with all new outfits, vehicles, and traps. And maybe even win them over to the Saints in the end.
All Hail Genki – Professor Genki. That is all.

Saints Row: The Third - CheapyD

As the name implies, the new homie CheapyD add-on comes dirt cheap, in fact it's free on OnLive in the US and UK. All you have to do to get CheapyD is that you just click on the add-on under the Saints Row: The Third add-ons, click purchase, and it's added for free to your Saints Row: The Third game.

Over a year ago, CheapyD from was the winner of a charity auction to voice an NPC in Saints Row: The Third. Outside of that single sentence, he had no idea what was about to happen over the course of the game’s development. What started off as a few lines attached to a random NPC in the city of Steelport began to blossom into a much more engaging role.

When initially implemented into the game, CheapyD’s voice was barely heard while playing through the game, so Volition knew they could do better. After a second recording session and some quick Q&A with CheapyD, they came up with the perfect solution. Turn CheapyD into a FREE downloadable homie for everyone to enjoy starting on January 17th!

Featuring a few hundred unique lines and exclamations, CheapyD was released on the streets of Steelport to join you as your Strap It On in Saints Row: The Third. In order to get CheapyD, you will have to unlock Shaundi’s Ex-boyfriend’s apartment (this comes after the assault on the armory).

It’s been an absolute blast working with CheapyD and integrating him into the game, instead of just using his voice. Everyone at Volition thanks him again for making his charity donation, and they hope all of you enjoy roaming the streets with CheapyD at your side.

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