Wednesday, 21 March 2012

OnLive Added Gangstas in Space DLC to Saints Row: The Third - The Trouble With Clones DLC is Also Coming Soon

OnLive added the Gangstas in Space DLC to Saints Row: The Third. Gangstas in Space costs $6.99 in the US ($4.89 PlayPack) and £4.49 in the UK (£3.14 PlayPack).

This is filmmaking at its finest.

In the second mission pack for Saints Row: The Third, Hollywood comes to Steelport. Hotshot director Andy Zhen has cast you as the star of his blockbuster opus, Gangstas in Space, a noble gangsta that must defend the planet against scantily-clad aliens equipped with laser beams, spaceships, and spaceships with laser beams. Along the way, you’ll mentor up-and-coming actress Jenny Jaros who plays alien Princess Kwilanna, and help her navigate the perilous waters of Hollywood stardom. Because their aint no career guidance like a gangsta’s career guidance.

Gangstas in Space also includes the alien spacecraft, the Aegian, new alien gang customization options, and new homies Kwilanna and Space Brutina. Strap it on… in space!

With spaceships and alien weaponry, this retro-style film is sure to be a hit!

THQ has also announced that The Trouble With Clones DLC is coming to OnLive. It is available starting yesterday for various platforms and since it isn't yet on OnLive, it will most probably release next Tuesday, March 27. The Trouble With Clones DLC will also cost $6.99 in the US ($4.89 PlayPack) and £4.49 in the UK (£3.14 PlayPack).

Johnny Gat is Back!
Science just got weird, thanks to Third Street Saints super fan and cloning enthusiast Jimmy Torbitson. Refusing to believe that his hero Johnny Gat died fighting the Syndicate, Torbitson meticulously acquired Gat’s DNA in order to clone the Saints chief lieutenant and bring him back to life. But this is Saints Row, and as always, something goes horribly, horribly wrong. It doesn’t help that Torbitson got a C in high school chemistry...

Now Gat’s twisted clone is on the loose, terrorizing Steelport and its well-heeled citizenry. But just as science unleashed an abomination upon Steelport, it will also be its savior. The new formula of the Saints Flow energy drink, part ginseng root, part caffeine, and part secret sauce now endows you with super powers that just happen to be super enough to take down a giant evil clone. Saints Flow remains illegal in most countries, and prohibited in California.

So drink up, bear down, and get ready to strap it on.

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