Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Update on FortressCraft for OnLive

In a blog post, Adam Sawkins (DjArcas) of ProjectorGames revealed more info about the OnLive and PC ports of FortressCraft.

Here's the info about the OnLive port:


Networking has been an enormous pain in the ass; FortressCraft usually relies on the excellent XNA networking libraries. Sadly, Microsoft don’t allow me to use the XNA networking for PC games (I mean, they don’t allow anyone. I’m not a special case), so I’ve had to look around for a replacement.

I actually stuck a post up on my Facebook, and managed to procure the network coder from Split/Second and Pure to help me here. George has done an amazing job of abstracting out the network layer, meaning that I can continue to work on both versions of FortressCraft simultaneously.


Again, sadly, Microsoft don’t allow usage of their lovely avatars outside of the Xbox platform, so I’ve had to consider what options are available here. This is still very much in development, so much so that I can’t even really show any good pics. Rest assured tho, it’ll be in keeping with FortressCraft’s complete customisation theme!


These have been a ton of work; they weren’t planned from the start, so I’ve had to come up with them (with the massive help of the community, thank you!), implement them, test them… and then integrate them with the OnLive achievement middleware.

Touch Support

This has yet to be started, and is a slightly scary prospect. OnLive inherently supports iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Android (Tablets and phones). To do this, I need to support WP7 Touch events; I also need to redesign the entire interface to give a nice slick user experience. Not a small task. But you do get to play FortressCraft on your phone once I’m done – woot!

Spit and Polish

There’s quite a lot of polish I want to get into the OnLive/PC version as well. The workshop indicator was the first of these. I’ll be adding in things like signs, spawn blocks, kill blocks, better tutorials, as well as replacement objects for the default machinery. This means no wasting customs for your factories and conveyors (unless you want to customise them, of course!)

Here's more info about the PC port:


Oh, so much other! So FortressCraft will support lots and lots of cool stuff, mostly as I don’t have to persuade my boss that it’s financially viable. Right now there’s definite support for Nvidia 3D Vision, and I’m planning on adding AMD Eyefinity 6 support, head tracking… if it’s cool, then I want it in there. Hopefully, this lets a few people understand why this patch has been a little slow; the best part, of course, is that all of the work automatically rolls into the next FC patch: FortressCraft 1.1 Interim.

According to this info it looks like FortressCraft will not release that soon for OnLive if ProjectorGames hasn't even started doing the touch controls implementation for OnLive.

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  1. Looks very promising and i hope it gets released soon