Saturday, 25 February 2012

OnLive Desktop Could Revolutionize Desktop Virtualization

OnLive Desktop Plus puts Windows 7 on the iPad in blazing speed.

Why does this matter? One thing is clear when you talk with CIOs about preparing for the future: they have to deal with their current reality of legacy applications and client-server technologies, not just throw everything out and rush headlong into a future of stateless computing and cloud delivery.

OnLive started as a game streaming and cloud gaming technology. But, immediately the thought came up this could revolutionize desktop virtualization!

In fact, that is just what OnLive is about to do. It offers enterprises a way to deliver all the legacy applications and the windows desktop environment to nearly any device, including iOS and Android. It leapfrogs one of CIOs' biggest hurdles by enabling stateless delivery to non-stateless devices, and with content that was not designed with device independence in mind from the start.

SOURCE: Infrics.

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