Sunday, 26 February 2012

OnLive Community Manager Matt Jensen's Friday 2/24/2012 Livecast

In the last livecast, OnLive MJ said that livecasts will be on Tuesdays 2pm PST from now on. Well, he didn't hold his word on this week's livecast as it was again on friday. He also ran into problems with USTREAM, as USTREAM didn't save the recording of the livecast. He tweeted, "And I'm now angry. Ustream didn't save the recording. "Recording error" for the last LiveCast. Sorry guys!" So there is no video of this week's livecast, whether on MJ's USTREAM channel or OnLive's YouTube channel.

Here are the more interesting subjects of MJ's livecast:

- Indie hit LIMBO is coming to OnLive on Tuesday as a PlayPass title.
- There are also other games being released to OnLive, but no word on them.
- OnLive is working on the Mediterranean Traveler Map Pack DLC for Assassin's Creed: Revelations. There is no current information on the upcoming Lost Archive DLC.
- OnLive wants to bring the cloud-accelerated web browser to more platforms, but no information beyond that.
- Chances are 50/50 that OnLive is coming again to this year's Eurogamer Expo. Last year OnLive launched its cloud gaming service for the UK on the Eurogamer Expo.
- OnLive is working on new UI improvements, but incrementally. New changes are coming soon.

In spite of it being an absolutely dead week on the OnLive gaming side of things, the livecast gave more information than expected. MJ made it rather clear that Onlive gaming isn't going to be neglected, and that things are just slow at the moment. Onlive Desktop is certainly their star for the moment, but I doubt that'll be the case for too long.

Stay tuned for next week's livecast from OnLive community manager Matt Jensen.

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