Sunday, 12 February 2012

OnLive Community Manager Matt Jensen's Friday 2/10/2012 Livecast

Garret, OnLive Game Certification Coordinator
- Tests every game before it goes out to customers, to make sure it works for the service and it is in a high quality state. Must make sure it works with a gamepad on a MC, a keyboard and mouse on a PC and a tablet with touch controls. His job is to coordinate the testing and talk to engineers about any issues they have found.
- Games testers get a list of tests that they must run on each game, to make sure it is ready to release.
- Garret started in the industry in 2007 for Electronic Arts.
- Garret's favorite game on OnLive is Homefront.

OnLive Valentine's Day Sale is ongoing

15th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards Announced
- 3 games on the OnLive service won.
- Batman: Arkham City, Orcs Must Die! and Bastion.

Other Tidbits
- Once GTA V gets closer to release date OnLive will talk to Rockstar Games about bringing it to the service.
- OnLive Desktop Pro service will allow for new applications, Internet Explorer type of things.
- Matt is working on something fun for a week or so, that includes an office tour.
- Next Week's episode of the livecast will be on Thursday Morning (Pacific Time) (9AM PT/Noon ET - could change times). Bruce Grove, General Manager of OnLive in the UK will be on the show.

Red Faction: Armageddon on sale for 50% Off in both US and UK

SEGA Dreamcast Collection coming to the OnLive service starting on Tuesday
- Sonic Adventure
- Crazy Taxi
- Space Channel 5: Part 2
- SEGA Bass Fishing
Joining the OnLive PlayPack on Tuesday.

Stay tuned for next week's livecast from OnLive community manager Matt Jensen, scheduled for Thursday Morning 9AM PT/Noon ET.

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