Monday, 20 February 2012

Misfits Attic is Hoping for an April OnLive Release of A Virus Named TOM: Beta Video is Released

Back in September, OnLiveFans reported that indie game developer, Misfits Attic had plans to bring their upcoming game, A Virus Named TOM to OnLive. At that time, Tim Keenan, founder of Misfits Attic informed them that they were hoping to release the game to the cloud gaming service sometime in early 2012. He had guessed that the game could be seen on the service sometime in February or March of this year.

There have been some delays in the development, and the initial PC release has now been scheduled for March of this year. Earlier this month, OnLiveFans got in touch with Tim Keenan once again to see if they still had plans to bring the game to OnLive.

“The current plan is to port A Virus Named TOM to OnLive once the PC build is out and stable. We’re hoping for April,” said Keenan.

We’ve learned in the past that it is really difficult for a developer to really know when a game would be released to OnLive. After submitting a game to the service, it must pass numerous quality assurance tests. If there are any bugs found, or glitches reported, OnLive sends the game back to the developer to have them worked out. 

While Keenan says that he hopes to bring the game to OnLive in April, he like other developers can’t be sure of a release date until OnLive actually approves the build that is submitted.

Misfits Attic will be doing a press event at IGN, the Sunday before GDC kicks off, so it will be interesting to hear if they have anything to report concerning OnLive at that time.

Here is a brief overview of A Virus Named TOM, courtesy of Misfits Attic:
- An Infectious Action-Puzzler (see what we did there?)
- 4 Player Cooperative & Competitive Play
- Evolving Puzzle and Dexterity Mechanics

The game is an action-puzzler. The puzzle comes from rearranging circuits to spread the virus. The action comes from dodging anti-virus drones while doing it. It’s one of the few puzzle games out there where you can play co-operatively (with up to 3 friends). But if you tire of working together, there is a battle mode where you can take on your friends to see who is the supreme virus.

Dr X brought the world the city of Tomorrow: with robot dogs, and houses that clean themselves. MegaTech promptly fired him as soon as the last chrome brick was laid. But Dr X has one final invention, a little virus named Tom. Help this little gremlin bring the city of Tomorrow back to the Stone Age by causing absolute mayhem throughout the city.

Imagine trying to solve a simple puzzle. Now imagine people are throwing potatoes at you. So while you’re trying to concentrate, you now have to dodge potatoes (they hurt more than you’d think). Actually it’s more like you’re trying to diffuse a bomb, because there’s a timer that’s counting down to doom-o’clock. Yeah, so it’s basically like you’re a really unpopular bomb squad. But at least you can get your friends to help: by telling you how you’re solving the problem wrong, or kicking the potato-ers in the shin. That’s basically the game. Oh, and there’s also a territory mode you can play against your friends. Makes sense?

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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