Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Massively Multiplayer Game SkyKids Could be OnLive’s First Exclusive

ProjectorGames, the indie game developer who is working to bring their hit title FortressCraft to OnLive very soon, could also bring the first game exclusively made for OnLive to the service as well.

First reported by Bit Loaders last week, OnLiveFans has contacted Adam Sawkins (DjArcas) of ProjectorGames for more details. 

“I’ve been rumbling away on a game that’d work great on OnLive,” explained DjArcas. “It’s basically a 2D dog fighting PVP game.”

Before you start crying, “animal cruelty”, let us assure you that it doesn’t really involve dogs. The game is a side-scrolling aerial combat game, that will include a huge amount of different 3D fighters, including helicopters, bombers, space shuttles and more. 

DjArcas, the head of ProjectorGames has talked about how much he loves OnLive as a platform in the past. He likes to utilize all the great things that OnLive allows developers to do, whether it be achievements, brag clips, or anything else. 

One thing that DjArcas said will be very unique to OnLive is the fact that gamers who purchase both FortressCraft and SkyKids would have the ability to get some in-game extras. According to him, gamers who already own FortressCraft at the time SkyKids is released would be able to unlock some extra in-game features within FortressCraft. That is if all goes as planned.

Everything is still very preliminary, and the release of SkyKids to OnLive is still not entirely written in stone. It’s an idea that the developer has planned, but the release seems to be a ways off, if it even happens at all.

Another thing that many OnLive gamers will like about SkyKids, is the fact that it would be a massively multiplayer game.

“The neat bit is that we want a lot of players running. We know, 100%, that every OnLive player has an internet connection and we want to take full advantage of that,” explained DjArcas.

SkyKids is planned to be a massively multiplayer game, exclusively released to OnLive. While some gamers may think of “massively multiplayer” as meaning 15,000 players, DjArcas doesn’t expect this one to come close to that.

He does expect it to allow “teams of 4 players on the same screen” to go up against “dozens of other teams of 4 players.”

Right now ProjectorGames is focused entirely on bringing FortressCraft to OnLive. The game is almost ready for release. Once that is finished, the developer has plans to “get a few other little things knocked out” and then perhaps begin to really focus on SkyKids

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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