Friday, 3 February 2012

Dead Island Should Arrive on OnLive Very Soon

Back in June of 2011 at E3, OnLive announced a list of games that would be coming to the service. On it included was a game that many OnLive users have been eagerly awaiting ever since. That game was Dead Island. Since then the release date has been pushed back on several occasions. 

Many OnLive users had expected that Dead Island would be released on the service at the same time it was released on other platforms–September 6, 2011. That day came and went, and the game was never released. In September, it was reported that the game would be delayed until mid to late October, after Dead Island publisher Deep Silver, Inc. let out the info.

When October came to an end, and the game was still not available on the OnLive service, we again contacted Deep Silver to ask them the latest. We were informed that it had been put on hold until the next round of patches, and we probably wouldn’t see the game released until December at the earliest. It’s now a couple months later, and still the game has yet to appear on OnLive. 

However, there is some potentially good news. OnLiveFans had a chance to discuss this matter with Jon Schutts, Senior Producer at Deep Silver. They asked him if he had any sort of update on the whereabouts of the game. 

“I still don’t have an official date from production, but when I was at our HQ in Munich last week, I was told we are in the last stages of testing with OnLive,” explained Schutts. “I’d expect it to launch very soon, but I have not yet heard if everything has passed/been approved so far. What I can confirm is that it’s close.”

“Close” and “very soon” are words that have been used plenty of times in the past when talking about a game’s release schedule on OnLive. While we haven’t heard anything from OnLive, as to when we can expect to see this game, we can only guess that if it passes the tests that OnLive puts it through, we should see it within a month or so. If it doesn’t pass these tests, the game will be sent back to Deep Silver, and more changes will need to be made. If this happens, there really isn’t any telling as to when we will see it on the cloud gaming service.

Schutts said he expects that it will be released very soon, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that it is indeed released soon.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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