Friday, 13 January 2012

ProjectorGames Announced Achievements for OnLive Version of FortressCraft

Adam Sawkins (DjArcas) of ProjectorGames announced that the OnLive version of FortressCraft will in fact include many achievements, while the Xbox Live version will not.

In a recent post that DjArcas made on his FortressCraft forum, he said the following:
“As OnLive allows me to do Achievements (and MS don’t for Indie Games, thanks a bunch!), I’ve finally gotten around to implementing them.

So, some things to bear in mind!

- The initial release of the OnLive version will NOT contain Spleef, Hunt or FreezeTag game modes
- The initial release also won’t contain the RPG mode, nor Incursion

These features should roll in eventually, but as it’s just muggins here doing the coding, I have to fight my battles carefully, so the achievements are geared towards:

- Being creative
- Being a good community member

I haven’t worked out accurate point values yet, and all targets are subject to change. WHEN I get closer to the release, I will be talking to the OnLive team about how I can reward people who Contributed towards the game; I’m not stuck with the very restrictive ruleset that MS enforce on Indie Games.”
Basically the OnLive version of the game will be a better purchase than the Xbox Live version, simply because we can expect to see additional game options/achievements for it. No release date has been set as to when we can expect to see FortressCraft go live on the cloud gaming service, but it should be in the near future.

As for the achievements that will be included in the game, here is a list of what they currently have planned:
  • eCreatedAWorld – Created a world
  • ePerfectionist – Got all (other) Achievements
  • eAboveAndBeyond – Purchased the game directly, not using PlayPack
  • eMindTheGap – dead by fallin
  • eThumbsUp – Liked 50 worlds
  • eOtherWordlyTourist – Visted 50 worlds
  • eIndustrialRevolution – Make a fully working factory
  • eSeeingDouble – seeing double: use the copy and paste feature.
  • eHomage – Travel more than 1km in a Minecart
  • eWithFriendsLikeThese – have 3+ friends in your world at the same time.
  • ePajitnovComplex – Build >50k blocks
  • eDemolitionMan – Destroy 1,000,000 blocks using TNT
  • eLazyTourist – Travel more than 1km on a conveyor (cumulative)
  • eFreshAirIsOverrated – Play for more than 6 hours straight
  • eToInfinityAndBeyond – Find the jetpack and fly to the sky
  • eWorkingClass – Placed more than 100 blocks in another player’s world
  • eBigVersionLittleVersion – Build a custom block
  • eHouseOfPain – bounce on a trampoline block 1000 times (‘Jump up, jump up and get down’)
  • eBlockaholic – have at least 24 hours total play time
  • eMilkNoSugar – Reach the Obscure rank
  • eHelpinNoobs – Vote up 10 worlds ranked obscure
  • eVarietyIsTheSpiceOfLife – Build at least 1 of each block
  • eFullyLoaded – Create all 128 Custom blocks
  • eRelicHunter – Find all the relics.
  • eIAmLegend – make it to legendary rank.
  • eForeman – build more than 1,000 blocks using Li’l builder
  • eSwissCheese – delete more than 1,000 blocks using Li’l digger
DjArcas is still taking suggestions for more achievements to be included in the game, and he asks that users post their ideas on his forum.

In the past, DjArcas also said that all of his games should have touch controls enabled on OnLive, including FortressCraft.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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