Friday, 6 January 2012

OnLive for iPad - with the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller

TouchGen goes hands-on with the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller, which connects to your iPad for the full console gaming experience.

They love touch controls there at TouchGen towers, but when a mysterious black package arrived late last month they weren’t prepared for how much that love would be tested. They’ve said many times that virtual-sticks and button layouts just can’t beat the real thing. For puzzlers like Contre Jour or Strategy titles like Anomaly: Warzone Earth the touch controls can match and sometimes exceed traditional control methods. Even Gameloft’s games do a great job of virtually replicating a gamepad experience. But, for console grade action games the tactile feel of real joysticks and shoulder buttons have the upper hand.

OnLive allows not only the ability to stream and play grade-A games on your Touchscreen, but also to hook up a fully operational twin-stick gamepad with all the trimmings. It really is the best way to play. Check out their hands-on video of the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller and OnLive service in action running on an iPad 2.


  1. how can I become an onlive ipad app reviewer? I'm beginning to think that will be the only way I'll ever get the app on my ipad.

  2. @bighulawood

    Haha, that was funny:)

    I'm sure, if the OnLive iOS App won't release soon, someone will let the App loose into the wild. Of course OnLive can opt to block the use of the iOS client, at least until someone can find a way to hack the App and make it look like it is the Android client:)

    I don't think OnLive has the balls posting the iOS App on their web page:)

    We shouldn't wait too long for news about the OnLive iOS App, as OnLive should update us on the iOS App next week at CES 2012.