Sunday, 29 January 2012

OnLive Community Manager Matt Jensen's Friday 1/27/2012 Livecast

- OnLive MJ had OnLive video creator genius Eric Peltier as guest. He spoke about his work on creating the promotion videos for OnLive.
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine multiplayer is delayed again - no official launch date is given.
- Next week's releases will not be anything major. There will be 1 PlayPass game that will move into the PlayPack and 1 new PlayPack game added.
- OnLive is working on the Saints Row: The Third - GenkiBowl VII add-on pack.
- OnLive has a huge list of new UI features that they are working on that they plan to launch on the service (including adding an achievement total to user profiles).
- Touch will come to more games in the near future.
- GDC News: OnLive will be sponsoring the Independent Games Summit on March 5-9.
- OnLive will be holding a logo contest for the OnLive MJ livestreams very soon.

Stay tuned for next friday's livecast from OnLive community manager Matt Jensen.

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