Monday, 16 January 2012

OnLive Community Manager Matt Jensen Chat Recap: L.A. Noire Rentals Available, PES 2012 and Steam Running on OnLive Desktop

OnLiveMJ (Matt Jensen) held a live video chat session via USTREAM. He answered many questions from the OnLive community and gave away some free stuff. Here are some of the topics that he touched on:

- L.A. Noire rentals are now available in the OnLive Marketplace. The price is $5.99 for a 3 Day PlayPass, or $8.99 for a 5 day PlayPass.

- While nothing is confirmed, it sounds as though OnLive Desktop users will be able to install just about any safe software they like. Matt talked about the possibility of allowing gamers to install Steam on the desktop. He seemed to believe that it could very well be possible in the OnLive Desktop Pro version, but again he did not confirm that it will be allowed, with 100% certainty.

- Dropbox and dropbox-like software will be able to be used on the OnLive Desktop Pro App as well.

- The file size limit on individual files that can be uploaded to the OnLive Desktop is 100 MB.

- Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is coming to OnLive in a Pre-order offer. Gamers who pre-order the game will get a free OnLive Game System.

- OnLive is working on a lot of “cool” social features. They will be coming out with some of the new updates.

- OnLive will be attending PAX East in Boston, which is in the first week of April.

The entire chat session lasted an hour, and Matt answered many questions that users had live. He plans on holding another session next Friday as well.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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