Tuesday, 31 January 2012

NBA 2K11 and Bridge It Join the OnLive PlayPack

NBA 2K11 and Bridge It are this week's new additions to the OnLive PlayPack. The PlayPack is now at 141 titles and growing.

NBA 2K11

NBA 2K11 is a title that was until now available as a PlayPass title on the OnLive Marketplace for some time, the PlayPass for the game costs $19.99 US ($13.99 PlayPack) and £14.99 UK (£10.49 PlayPack). You can also rent the game. The price for a 3-day rental is $5.99 (£3.99 UK) and $8.99 (£5.99 UK) for a 5-day rental. Of course you can also take 30% off the rental prices for PlayPack subscribers. NBA 2K11 is a basketball game with the NBA licence which grants its publisher 2K Sports access to NBA teams and player likenesses. The game was developed by Visual Concepts. NBA 2K10 is already a part of the PlayPack and NBA 2K12 was released on the OnLive cloud gaming service as a PlayPass title a little over a month ago, just in time when the NBA lockout ended and the new shorter NBA season started.

NBA 2K11 requires a 2K Sports account to access online features on OnLive.

NBA 2K9, the #1 selling & #1 rated NBA videogame, set the standard for next generation basketball videogames, and NBA 2K11 surpassed that by delivering an even better basketball experience with all-new gameplay components, out-of-this-world graphics, even more realistic Signature Style animations, all-new presentation elements and an unrivalled online system.

Metascore: 82

You can play the free demo, rent and buy NBA 2K11 for the US powered by OnLive.

You can play the free demo, rent and buy NBA 2K11 for the UK powered by OnLive.

Bridge It

Bridge It is a bridge building simulation puzzle game published and developed by Chronic Logic.

In Bridge It, a stunning, beautiful world awaits as you take on the challenge of bridging the chasm. Can you solve the puzzles and avert disaster?

Set in the picturesque surroundings of sparse deserts and dense forests it is your task to strategically design and construct an engineering masterpiece. Watch in eager anticipation as unsuspecting motorists, heavy freight trains and tourist riverboats approach. Will your solution stand up to the test or will tons of mangled steel be sent plummeting into the river below?

Based on the award winning Bridge Construction Set (Pontifex II) and using the Auran Jet 3D Engine, Bridge It offers a host of real time effects that surpass many pre-rendered scenes.

Bridge It features:

  • 30 challenging levels from novice to expert
  • Cars, trucks, trains to drive across your bridges
  • Boats to really test your draw bridges
  • Build suspension bridges, draw bridges and more!    
  • Scoring system rewards clever design and cheap bridges
  • Intuitive editing tools allow you to build beautiful bridges
  • Narrated tutorial levels
  • Earthquakes to really put your bridges through their paces!

  • You can play the free demo of Bridge It powered by OnLive.

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