Thursday, 19 January 2012

GenkiBowl VII DLC Coming Soon to Saints Row: The Third on OnLive

GenkiBowl VII has been released for Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Steam, and it has been confirmed to be coming to cloud gaming service OnLive. It promises new missions, new outfits, and new vehicles for the hit THQ title, Saints Row: The Third.

While, THQ sent out an email today that stated, “Genkibowl VII DLC is available now on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, Steam, and OnLive,” there is no sign of it in the OnLive marketplace as of yet.

However, a representative from Volition had the following to say on Tuesday, “As has been stated before, there is no exact ETA on when GenkiBowl VII will be available for PSN, Steam, or OnLive, but I’ll post updates for those various platforms as it becomes available. Take note that we have zero control over the exact time each individual platform updates.”

OnLive typically has updates to their marketplace on Monday nights / Tuesday mornings, so they may wait until then to release this latest add-on pack. It is also quite possible we will see it sooner than that.

Some sports are played with balls. GenkiBowl is played with your very life. Strap it on.

GenkiBowl VII is the first downloadable mission pack for Saints Row: The Third, and features such mind-bending games as Sexy Kitten Yarngasm, Sad Panda Skyblazing, Apocalypse Genki, and Super Ethical PR Opportunity.

GenkiBowl VII is free for purchasers of the Saints Row Season Pass, and is available for the suggested price of 560 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live, and $6.99 on PlayStation Network, Steam, and soon OnLive.

The key features of Genkibowl VII include:

Super Crazy Fun Extravaganza – All the excitement of sports’ greatest moments, all the ridiculous action of a foreign game show, and you as the star of it all. Complete with commentary by Steelport’s favorite announcers, Zach and Bobby, and their new side-line correspondent Tammy Tolliver.
Murder Time, Fun Time – Nothing involving the weird, wacky, wonderful world of Genki is complete without mascot murdering mayhem.
Three Is No Crowd – See into the minds of Genki Girls Sad Panda, Angry Tiger and Sexy Kitten by playing through crazy, new Genki games with all new outfits, vehicles, and traps. And maybe even win them over to the Saints in the end.
All Hail Genki – Professor Genki. That is all.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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