Friday, 30 December 2011

VentureBeat Proclaims OnLive for Tablets Top Technology of the Year

Among a bunch of eight technologies, OnLive for Tablets was proclaimed top technology of 2011 by VentureBeat. The list of VentureBeat's top tech is the following in no particular order:

  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Sony PlayStation Vita
  • Apple’s A5 Processor
  • HTML 5
  • OnLive for Tablets
  • Razer Blade Laptop
  • PlayStation 3D Display
  • Nyko Kinect Zoom

  • Venture Beat wrote in its article:

    Since its launch last year, OnLive’s streaming game service — which lets play games that are running on and transmitted from remote servers — has struggled to find a significant market of users. But the recently launched tablet version of the service may just be the killer app it needs, allowing millions of tablet owners to get truly console-quality games on their relatively underpowered devices.

    More than the previous OnLive services, which relied on a PC, Mac or a proprietary streaming Micro-Console, the tablet version offers an easy portability that turns the devices into a sort of magic screen that can access a wide library of PC and console games easily wherever there’s a reliable internet connection. Support for external Bluetooth controllers means tablet owners no longer have to suffer through the tactile smoothness of a touchscreen, either: OnLive for tablets opens the devices up to the traditional button-based games most players are used to.

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