Thursday, 15 December 2011

OnLive is Coming to Retail Stores in the US and UK: Interview with CEO Steve Perlman

GAME planned to have OnLive merchandise available in GAME stores in the UK prior to Christmas. Christmas is near, so OnLiveFans asked OnLive Founder and CEO Steve Perlman what OnLive’s status is for appearing both in GAME stores in the UK, as well as retail outlets in the United States.

When asked what the schedule was for selling OnLive Merchandise in GAME stores in the United Kingdom, Perlman said, “I don’t know exactly what the schedule will be for GAME stores. The kinds of things they will have are the OnLive Game System, the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller, store value cards, you’ll be able to use your loyalty points in games to buy things online through OnLive. We have a whole bunch of things we are doing together with them (GAME). They’re really sharp people and they are very interested in doing this connection between brick and mortar and OnLive.”

While, there have been recent reports that Perlman said that GAME stores would be carrying the OnLive Game System by the end of this month, Perlman could not confirm this.

“The holiday calendar, and the way people purchase things in the UK is a little different than in the US,” he explained. “For example, there are a lot of purchases the week after Christmas, which is less of the case in the US. We’re doing our best to try and align with when the holidays are and what the spending patterns are there.”

For quite some time now, we have heard about OnLive appearing in retail outlets in the United Kingdom. However, we haven’t really heard much about any retail sales for OnLive merchandise in the US. OnLiveFans asked Perlman if OnLive would hit retail stores in the US anytime soon.

“It will,” he said. “I already kind of described one of the ways it will; these things sometimes happen a bit organically. When you have a TV that is released in retail, they pretty much need to sell the OnLive controller along side it. So far, when we have discussions with retail, we give them the OnLive controller box and they say, ‘what’s this other box (OnLive Game System).’ They say, ‘can we sell that too?’ I say ‘sure!’”

“We’re a new beast for them (retailers). We are in Blu-ray players as well [as TV sets], and you are going to see them come live.”

Perlman made it be clear that the OnLive service is already in many devices such as TVs and Blu-ray players. It’s just a matter of turning it on, and the OnLive icon will appear on TVs right next to the Netflix and Pandora icons.

From the look of things, OnLive should be appearing in retail outlets in the United States when retailers begin selling OnLive compatible TVs and Blu-ray players. OnLive Game Systems may also be included, as well as vouchers for games. Whether we see OnLive in GAME Stores in the UK by the end of the month still appears to remain up in the air. However, if we don’t see it before the new year, we should certainly see it soon thereafter. 

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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