Saturday, 10 December 2011

OnLive Hits Android, Hack Makes All OnLive Games Xperia PLAY Compatible

OnLive, the cloud gaming streaming service, recently launched the OnLive App for Android smartphones and tablets. This means you can play high-end PC and console games on your Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphone as long as you have a decent wireless connection. One annoyance for Xperia PLAY owners is that the App is not customised to support the joypad. This means that for most games you can only use the touchscreen controls. If you want to play all of the games on the OnLive service, you have to use the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller.

However, one enterprising Xperia PLAY owner, Matthew Twin, took matters into his own hands to get the Xperia PLAY joypad to work with OnLive games. He mostly got it working bar the touchpads and you can see the result in the videos below. He demonstrates both Saints Row: The Third and DiRT3 working quite nicely. If you want to try this for yourself you’ll need to download the GameKeyboard and Tasker Apps and then follow this extensive tutorial.

If this hack method is too complicated for you, you can try the OnLive Helper App, but it's somewhat limited currently as it only supports the free LEGO Batman and DiRT3. This App will technically work with any Android smartphone. You can create your own custom profiles or use community created ones with the App. Please visit the official thread on XDA for more information.

SOURCE: Xperia Blog.

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