Saturday, 10 December 2011

OnLive Helper Android App Enables the Use of the Xperia PLAY Joypad for the OnLive App

If you need proof that the OnLive App for Android is a success, here is one. An Android App has been released, that fixes some of the shortcomings of the official OnLive App. The App is named OnLive Helper and in it's current implementation it partly fixes the not supported Xperia PLAY joypad on the OnLive App.

Currently only the free LEGO Batman and DiRT3 work with the OnLive Helper App. The author of the OnLive Helper App is hatcyl. This App will technically work with any Android smartphone. You can create your own custom profiles or use community created ones with the App. Please visit the official thread on XDA for more information.

Usage of the OnLive Helper App:
1. No Root is Required.
2. To enable this App, you must change the Input Method Service to "OnLive Helper"
3. You can have the input method screen automatically come up when you open or close your keyboard by checking "Auto Prompt" in the options.

You can get the OnLive Helper App in the Android Market.

If you can't wait till this App will enable the play of all OnLive games on the OnLive App with the Xperia PLAY joypad, you can try this manual hack method for the Xperia PLAY.

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