Saturday, 31 December 2011

OnLive CEO Steve Perlman Talks About OnLive’s 2012 Goals: More Devices, More Countries and More Demos

With 2011 coming to a close, and 2012 on the horizon, many OnLive users have been wondering what we can expect to see from the service in the coming year. 2011 brought many great things to OnLive, and 2012 is primed to bring us even more. OnLiveFans recently had a chance to briefly discuss what we can expect to see from OnLive in 2012 with none other than OnLive Founder and CEO Steve Perlman.

“You’re going to see OnLive on a lot more devices,” said Perlman. “Once we get onto more devices and OnLive becomes more ubiquitous, you get this viral effect. We already began to see it.”

OnLive has certainly gained the attention of gamers and game developers alike. Smaller developers have begun to realize that OnLive is a great way to get their name out there. Adding a game to the PlayPack, pretty much guarantees publicity, and revenue for a developer of any size. Larger developers are beginning to find that OnLive presents them with a way to allow gamers to play their games on a large number of devices, which they could not be played on in the past.

“The other thing you’ll see is OnLive moving into other regions,” stated Perlman. “So other countries that have been waiting patiently for OnLive. The people in the rest of Europe kind of blame the UK for liking OnLive too much, so we are basically keeping pace with servers there and moving more servers into Europe to keep up with growth there because that just grew faster than we expected.”

Although Perlman did not say where OnLive would be released next, all indications point to the service moving to other European nations, as well as perhaps some areas in Asia. OnLive already has test servers throughout Europe and in Asia, so it’s just a matter of meeting different countries’ regulations, and launching the service. Because the UK launch was so much larger than anyone at OnLive really anticipated, there have been some delays. However, as soon as the company can get caught up with their service and servers in the UK, we should begin seeing OnLive released elsewhere.

Perlman went on to confirm this, in saying, “OnLive works in other countries in Europe. It’s not that we are trying to prevent it from being there. It’s just that we have to make sure that there is a sufficient capacity for everybody who’s there.”

OnLive has really created some unique gaming opportunities, that were not available on any other service or platform in the past. “You’ll be seeing more sort of surprise things that are special for OnLive, like you just saw with L.A. Noire (exclusive touch controls on tablets),” said Perlman.

“Another thing that some people took note of and other people didn’t was that you will be seeing OnLive being increasingly used as the demo platform for the industry. We saw it with Batman: Arkham City. Normally with a game like that they would do a demo for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, but they’ve come to realize that it is a lot easier to put up the game on OnLive and then anybody on any platform can easily get OnLive and try the game out.”

The availability of game demos is something we will probably see the larger developers and publishers take advantage of OnLive for. It’s an easy, efficient way to let gamers try out games before they purchase them.

Surely there is plenty more that we will see from OnLive in 2012.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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