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OnLive CEO Steve Perlman Talks About Upcoming Video Games and Amazing Things That Developers Are Working On

OnLive fans are constantly nagging at OnLive representatives, trying to figure out if and when particular games are coming to the service. For months on end, gamers were wondering if EA would ever bring any of their titles to the cloud platform. OnLive eventually announced that a few EA titles would in fact be ported over, although no release dates have been given. Once that was settled, we began hearing questions about other popular games such as Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, etc. The list goes on.

OnLiveFans recently had a chance to ask OnLive Founder and CEO Steve Perlman about what types of games we can expect to see released on OnLive in the coming months.

“The games that we get are what the publishers want to put on OnLive and when they want to put it on OnLive,” explained Perlman. “We do the best we can. Sometimes we are kind of cringing when we see people saying ‘I wish this game was on there’, because very often we have the game in house and we are working on it, and it just has to do with [the developer's] schedule and what their resources are available to do.”

Porting large games to OnLive can take some time. Most of the interviews that OnLiveFans conduct with developers are for smaller games, and while they mostly say that the process is quite easy, it is rather time consuming. What we took from the interview is that it seems as though OnLive literally has hundreds of games in house, that they and the games’ developers are working to bring live. There is a lot that goes into bringing a game live on the service. Besides the fact that the developers must change around aspects of their code, to make it work with the services SDK, there is a lengthy review process done by OnLive themselves. They want to make sure that games are released to the public without any bugs, and to do so, they must test each game from start to finish, once it is ported over to the service. 

“We are just getting to the point where we are a big enough platform, that we are figuring into the priority queue with the publishers; making sure we are up there with the existing platforms, in terms of where they place their resources,” said Perlman. “You got to remember that this is an evolving process.”

From when OnLive first launched out of beta, until about now, they have been an extremely attractive platform for indie game developers to port their games to, while larger developers have not been quite so anxious. This is simply because of the amount of users on the service up until just recently. OnLive however, launched in the United Kingdom back in September, and launched their Mobile App just as recently as a couple weeks ago. These two events will certainly introduce several new demographics of video gamers to the cloud gaming service. Entering 2012, OnLive will see it’s App available on millions of devices, with millions more to come soon. In 2012, OnLive will also become available on TV’s, Blu-ray players, and popular set-top boxes. This will only increase the amount of gamers that use the service on a daily basis. As larger developers begin to see how popular OnLive has become in such a short period of time, they will certainly become interested in porting more of their top games over.

Steve Perlman went on to explain, “The second thing is; people don’t realize that these developers, especially the big ones, are doing special things.”

“We got questions about, ‘why isn’t Rockstar Games supporting OnLive.’ And of course we are sitting on pins and needles saying, ‘oh my god, we are working with Rockstar Games on the most amazing thing,’ which is going to be this touch thing (L.A. Noire), but we can’t say a word.”

Rockstar Games, one of the larger developers that OnLive users have constantly been harping OnLive about, has been working on something quite amazing all along. They have been working on a touch version of their hit title, L.A. Noire; a touch version made exclusively for the OnLive service. 

“So we finally have a proof point to go and explain to people some of the stuff going on behind the scenes. There really is great stuff coming. There are new touch games that are coming, that are just amazing, but not all these things are going to come at once. It’s not within our power to go and say which developers are doing what and when.”

For those gamers who are constantly contacting OnLive, asking them to bring games from certain developers to the service, they should be able to rest assured that OnLive is probably already working on it.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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