Wednesday, 7 December 2011

OnLive Adds Search, Favorites and More to the Service’s My Games Screen

Something people have been asking OnLive for has finally become a reality. No, it isn’t the OnLive web browser, or anything to that magnitude. However, OnLive has revamped their My Games screen, to make it easier to sort through games that any particular user owns.

The new features added to the My Games screen include the ability to add games to your Favorites simply by clicking on a star icon. There is also a tab at the top of the section titled Favorites. This allows gamers to add certain titles to their favorites so that they can quickly find them.

There are also now tabs for Play History and PlayPack. These tabs allow gamers to view only PlayPack titles, or sort games by the amount of time they have spent playing.

Also included now, is a search box, which allows gamers to search through their library of games. This is a feature that has been in the marketplace for some time, but many OnLive users thought it would be great to have this feature enabled for games that they own as well. OnLive has listened to their fans yet again. All of these features make the OnLive experience that much easier.

It is worth noting that while OnLive did send out an update, it doesn’t appear as though these changes are related to this new update. Many OnLive members are saying that these features were enabled, even if they did not download the latest update.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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